Wednesday, February 27, 2013

Day 24: Body Revolution

I'm going to make this one short because I'm doing a little guest post over on Nicole's blog Writes Like a Girl. I was so excited to be a part of her Body Revolution week to help spread the message about National Eating Disorder Awareness Week and just the simple fact that we all struggle with parts of our bodies. I loved the line Nicole wrote in her email to me, about all of us as bloggers, those of us "who constantly display their bodies as models for their closets to talk a little about the actual body we live in every day and can't leave on the closet floor when it just doesn't look right." That line really spoke to me, and just wanted y'all to know that I am so inspired by all of you, so I was more than happy to share one of my daily struggles. So go check it out, and be sure to read the posts from the other wonderful ladies who have agreed to share and of course, Nicole herself. 

Even though this look is really simple, I thought it was jazzed up just enough with the scarf, plus, who doesn't love a good white tee? It was perfect weather for it! I'm kind of hoping none of y'all have noticed the fact that I've gone three days in a row with a side braid. The past three mornings have been a real struggle to get out of bed. It's just so cozy and warm, not to mention Muggles doesn't help things by looking adorable laying next to me. 

I got a bit frustrated while taking pictures for the day (it is impossibly sunny outside).. so I ended up just taking pictures of the beagles, those goobers were sun bathing and looking adorable, as usual. Here are a couple of my favorite snaps.

Have a great rest of the day ladies, and be sure to go check out my post on Writes Like a Girl!

Scarf: Gift from the Madre
Tee: Hanes
Boyfriend Jeans: Gap
Belt: Abercrombie & Fitch
Earrings: Local Boutique 
Booties: Gianni Bini 

pleated poppy


  1. Can't wait to go read your piece on Nicole's blog -- thanks for sharing. As for this outfit, I looooove it; it's casual but looks so comfy and still chic. I'm into those jeans / belt with your booties! Also, puuuuuuuuuppy. So cute.

  2. thanks for the sweet shout out, my love. i'm digging the scarf in this outfit--especially because it's aggie colored!
    i hate it when my cat is more photogenic than me. *sigh*
    xo nicole

    1. Of course, of course my dear :)

      And it's kind of a daily thing, they're always so photogenic. I would only know this because I've probably taken a picture of each of them every day of their lives.. uhm, I'm not obsessed..what?

  3. cute style! So happy to have stumbled upon your blog. It's adorable! Hope you will stop by mine! Annddd, I'm your newest follower hey hey hey!

    xo, Kelsey Belle

  4. Love that line! So true:)! I will check out your guest post! Btw, that scarf is adorable and I love the side braid!

  5. Mmm... agree about the real bodies we live in. Especially because we blog choosing only the photos that show us in the best light! Thanks for joining up with WW :)

    1. Indeed, Kelly! :)

      And of course, I'll be linking up more!

  6. Great outfit! I love your boots!

  7. That scarf is so versatile.
    Wanna follow each other? :)

    Bong's Belleza

  8. Kind of envy you, we don't have enough sun here:)
    I think it's a great outfit, just enough spiced up, but still relaxed and laid back, just as you meant it to be I guess:)
    Love the idea of the Body Revolution week, heading over to Nicole's blog to read your guest post!


    1. Oh, you can take some of it with you! I won't mind, I'm so sleepy today, I just wanted to curl up in a ball and hide under the covers when the sun came peeking through my blinds this morning.

      And awesome, so glad you're goin' over to Nicole's blog! :D


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