Thursday, March 7, 2013

Him & Her

Once I saw this on Ana's blog, Sweet Serendipity, I knew I had to do it. It was just too adorable to pass up! Here goes.

him: star wars
her: harry potter

him: video games
her: crafts

him: mochas
her: iced coffee

him: baseball
her: football

him: outgoing
her: shy 

him: butterfingers
her: reese's 

him: computers
her: cameras

him: the walking dead
her: downton abbey

him: tall
her: short

him: showers
her: naps

him: nights
her: nights

him: hawaii
her: england 

Harley & Jane


  1. adorable! I might steal this :)

    -Jenna Brianne

  2. What a cute blog post, Kristina!

  3. Ok yes i get what you were saying we're like the same person. Glad i found someone else that has a love for diet dr. pepper as well. This sounded like another list i would have made. 1. I almost wrote him: video games her: crafts on mine too. 2. LOOVEE Downton abbey 3. Nights, naps, camera, reese's and shy. Yup we're like the same person :)

  4. i totally get that whole tall short thing :)

  5. Can I just say you two are freaking adorable & I enjoyed reading this.
    We share a lot of likes. :)
    Came on over from the link up from Harley & Jane's Blog (Him & Her), can't wait to see future posts.



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