Tuesday, April 30, 2013

April According to my Instagram

  • Muggles and I went on a beagle adventure, where we were almost attacked by guineas.. 
  • I baked a strawberry cake, and then proceeded to eat way too much of it. 
  • Finally received my beloved Aggie Ring! 
  • Spring football game reminded me how much I miss Aggie football
  • There was lots of driving the beagles around, they're like children I tell ya. 
  • The fertilizer plant explosion in West affected my hometown greatly, but I'm so blessed to be part of such an amazing community that came together to support all of those in need. 
  • Much needed beagle baths were given (and not appreciated..).
  • I went thrift shopping, and found a really awesome beagle mug for only $0.59! I've been on the hunt for one for so long. 
  • School's coming to an end, and I'm needing more and more coffee to get me through it. 
  • My mom came down for a couple of days to help me pack up a lot of my apartment to get ready to move into Curt's duplex after the wedding. 
  • I started my summer reading list a little early with The Great Gatsby
  • Although I didn't take any instagram photos of my other two bridal/shower parties, I have proof of my third bridal party of the month, my lingerie party! And yes, the sugar cookies were delish

April was good to me and literally flew by, but I am so ready for all that May has in-store for me! Be sure to follow me on Instagram, @kristinainretroworter for more fun updates of my little world.

I'd like to give a big shout out to my girl Jenna, from Freckled Fashionista, for making my banner for me. She did such an amazing job, and I am so so happy to have it up on my blog. Thanks girl, you are seriously THE.BEST! :) 


  1. Omg your dog's name is Muggles? that's so cute!


    1. Hahah, indeed. She's a sweet girl! :)
      Our other beagle is named Skywalker, we're kinda nerdy! lol

  2. so much pup! those cookies with you and curt's name on them are precious. and so is your new layout! obsessed with the scalloped social media buttons!

    xo nicole

  3. Thrifting is the best! It's so much fun and saves so much money-

  4. Great post got some pretty cool items!!! :D


    xoxo Taryn

  5. I just love your dog...those pics make me melt!!!! Especially the pic of the cake and the look on Muggles face...hehe priceless!

    xo Dinah@ sunshine super glam

  6. I cannot believe May is tomorrow! It's insane how fast the days go by. But I gotta say - your sweet beagle babies are so stinkin' adorable!

  7. oh guuuurl you are welcome! so glad you like it! i lovelovelove these type of "instagram" picture posts. so fun!

    -Jenna Brianne

  8. Very cute post. I will be sure to follow you on instagram.

  9. Just saw you over at Alex' blog!
    Your answers were so sweet and sincere I had to hop over and meet you!

    Read your previous post as well and wanted to give you congrats on your upcoming wedding day!
    The skirt you wear on that post is so cute... the color makes me SMILE... :)

    Keep up the good work on your blog, and be you!


  10. Your blog looks great! And I love that the majority of your Instagram is of your puppies... So is mine hehe :)

  11. I love posts like this -- I never think to do 'em, but I love learning more about my fave bloggers' lives. Sorry I've been such a spotty blog-pal lately... I swear, I'm back for realz this week. Also, gurl, that ring! Day-um, it's gorgeous!
    Fifth Freedom Fashion

  12. Awe, I love the end of the month post, such a good idea. The banner looks great, maybe I need to go ask Jeanna for one, tehehe!!!



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