Thursday, April 4, 2013

Never Have I Ever

Okay, I saw this lovely gem floating around the bloggosphere (no idea if that's how that made up word is even spelt), and I thought it'd be fun to join in. I've been bogged down with school work and exams this past week, and I'll admit there were a couple of days where I wore shorts and a t-shirt, absolutely zero make-up, and had some crazy lookin' hair.. so I decided to fill in some outfit post time with this! Feel free to join in on this link up hosted by Heavens to MeighanBack East Blonde, and Keeping up with the Cyperts.

Never Have I Ever

Broken a bone in my body. I don't think I've even come close.. ever. I've sprained my ankle and my foot, but that's about it. Oh, and the tip of my finger got chopped off by a steel door (no worries, no bones were harmed in the process), sorry if that grossed you out. 

Benedict, you are so adorable. 
Met another blogger. Although I've got a few I'd like to meet! Amirite, ladies?!

Taken a legit college math class. I avoid them things like the plague, hello community college calculus. Fun fact: Curtis is a math minor. 
                                                                 how I feel when doing math ---->

Been drunk.. I've only had one alcoholic beverage in my life, and it wasn't until two months after my 21st birthday. It was kind of gross anyway. 

Waxed my eyebrows. It just sounds painful, y'all.  

Owned a cat.. but I want one! Someday, someday. I do have one stipulation, it has to be friendly and sociable. I've known way too many "scaredy cats."

Read the Bible all the way through, but I'm working on it with my Narrated Bible in Chronological Order. It makes the old testament so much more understandable (aka, you should go get it). 

Been able to resist gum. I'm a gum mooch, sorry I'm not sorry. 

Gotten a speeding ticket, although there were a few close calls. Parking tickets are a different story. I despise you A&M parking people Nazis. 

Lived outside of Texas. But, I really want to.. Really, really badly. 


  1. Oh I love this! what a fun idea. I am with you on just about all of those things! hahaha that cat made me laugh!

    The House of Shoes

  2. I love posts like this -- it's nice to get to know you better! I definitely think you should live outside TX (New England is the best!) AND get a cat. Also, who among us can truly resist a good stick of bubblegum? No one. It is what unites us, and defines our humanity. OBVI.
    Fifth Freedom Fashion

  3. The only one that ive actually done is take a college math class. Im actually taking it this semester(insert disgusted face here) Im pretty sure my love for math will decrease after this class is over...Statistics is gross! Dont take it if you dont need to. Ive technically have done the last one too since I live in New Hampshire. I agree with Lily, come live in New England!!!

  4. Oh and I blog over at me! :)

  5. Love this post. It's great to get to know you better :)

    I love that picture of Benedict, he's so so cute :)

    x Audrey

  6. Seriously fun to read these! You crack me up!!!


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