Friday, January 25, 2013

Nifty and Thrifty

Alright, so I'm sure everyone on earth (okay, maybe not everyone), knows by now that all of the retailers are having these crazy fabulous sales lately. I'm semi-confused by why they would have one right this moment for the rest of the country, but it totally makes sense for Texas. Its been like 75 degrees for the past three days. I hate it. Kind of love it. I don't know, it's just that it's January..and it feels like May. Okay, maybe March. It's hot in May. Actually, I'm quite the pansy when it comes to hot weather. You'd think I'd be used to it living in Texas my whole life, but nope, I freak out once it gets over 77 degrees. Don't even get me started about 100+ degree weather. I HATE IT. I'm pretty sure I'm supposed to be a polar bear or something. I also think its awkward when people here complain about cold weather, but that is another story for another time (probably not, I don't like complaining about people complaining..haha).

Anyway, I wanted to post about the haul I've recently acquired. It's pretty amazing if I do say so myself. If there's something I want to come through in this blog, its the fact that I'm a very very very frugal person. I love fashion, but I am in no way willing (or capable for that matter) to spend more than what I think is necessary for something. I will wait until I see the perfect deal, or I just won't get something. Now, I'm not saying I won't invest every now and then, but honestly, my favorite stores are J. Crew, Gap, Madewell, Modcloth, and Ruche and I can't afford any of them. In the future, when I have an actual job, I may buy things from there that I like the moment I see them. Especially if I become a billionaire.. just kidding, that ain't happenin'. But to be honest, I don't think I'd do it even then. I love the hunt, the feeling I get when I find something I've been looking for, or just something that is absolutely adorable, and it's an 1/8th of the cost of the original. I. LOVE. IT. people. My friends will tell you I'm amazing at finding deals, and not to brag on myself, but it's true. I think it may be because I spend way too much time looking, but hey, it's a semi-hobby? I don't know, but I'd like to give some pointers on how I find these things in future posts. Maybe they aren't really pointers and everyone already knows this, I have no idea, but I think they're pretty awesome.

Okay, here's my haul of clothes, shoes, and accessories I've recently bought.. minus one pair of shoes, those weren't on sale, and I didn't buy them (birthday present from my mum).

If I had bought all of this at their regular prices, it would have been $624.74. SIX HUNDRED DOLLARS?! And that's not including tax..or shipping, if I would've had to pay for that because I ordered most of this off the wonderful internet. But, I only spent $143.07. Total. That's a savings of $481.67. That's crazy people. I've never actually sat down and done the math before, but I'm pretty proud of myself...I may just sit down and calculate this kind of thing all the time because it'll make me feel better about buying things (along with my fiance). I kind of have this guilty feeling when I buy clothes, I don't know why, maybe it's because I'm planning a wedding. It's just expensive... haha.

Anyway, here's the actual stuff in a list format:

1. J. Crew Tan Colored Sandals: Probably originally around $50-70. I got them for free through a trade-in at Plato's Closet, plus some extra money.
2. Shoedazzle Tweed Bow Flats: Originally $39.50, I got them for free, again at Plato's Closet through a trade-in.
3. Forever 21 Black Patent Pumps: Originally $24.80. My price $5.99 
4. Forever 21 Black Suede Pumps: Originally $27.80. My price $6.99
5. Forever 21 Mint Scarf: Originally $8.80. My price $1.99
6. Forever 21 Black Dangle Earrings: Originally $5.80. My price $1.49
7. Forever 21 Tan Trench Coat: Originally $32.80. My price $7.00
8. J. Crew Dark Green Cardigan: Originally $89.99. My price free, Plato's Closet again.
9. Gap Pointelle Dot Tights: Originally $14.95. My price $7.90
10. Old Navy Bright Blue Skinny Jeans: Originally $34.50. My price $8.99
11. Gap Mint Green Skinny Jeans: Originally $69.50. My price $18.10
12. Gap Fushia Skinny Jeans: Originally $69.50. My price $20.57
13. Forever 21 Stripped Black/White Dress: Okay, I didn't get this on sale, but it was on $14.80
14. Forever 21 Cobalt Blue Dress: Originally $19.80. My price $5.00
15. Modcloth Burgundy Black Dress: Originally $120 (it was around there). My price $58.99

So, everything was under 20 bucks, minus the Modcloth dress, but that's an exception I'm willing to make since it's for my Ring Day that's coming up, which is a pretty formal occasion. Although, I may be making it more formal than it actually is, but I feel in love with that dress the moment I saw it. It's amazing, and I felt like I stepped back in time to the 1920's the moment I put it on. Thank you Downton Abbey for making me officially obsessed with that time period. Oh, and does it not look like the dress Rose wore in Titanic, when she was going to jump from the ship, but Leonardo stopped her? If you can't remember, I'll remind you..

Okay, I know it's not exactly the same..but I've been obsessed with that dress since I was about 6 years old, and now, I finally have a dress that reminds me of it! Yay! :)

Anyway, I just thought I'd give an introduction into my thrifty ways, and I'll be posting my techniques for finding these wonderful things soon. Also, side note, my thrifty-ness doesn't just include clothes; I also hunt for deals in housewares, decor, furniture, you name it, I'm thrifty about it. And if I can't find something for the right price, I typically just make it. Except for clothes, I'm trying to teach myself to sew..we'll see how that goes.

Hope everyone has a wonderful weekend! Yay for Fridays! My parents are coming into town to celebrate my 21st birthday tomorrow night (which isn't 'til awkward Tuesday birthdays), whoop!


  1.!! you got all this stuff for less than $150!? TEACH ME YOUR WAYS. My bank account is begging you. But seriously, great job! You found some amazing pieces!! I'm especially jealous of that green JCrew sweater, those patent leather Forever 21 flats, and Gap fushia skinnies.

    Also, I'm so glad another blogger has heard about/goes to Platos Closet! That place is amazing. Sometimes overwhelming, but always worth it!

    I'm so glad I found YOUR blog- I'm here to stay as well :)

    -Jenna Brianne

    1. Aww, thanks! I'll definitely be posting the follow up posts on tips and how-to stuff super duper soon. And yes, at first, I was so intimidated by Plato's Closet..but once I started finding things (and taking other people with me to make it more enjoyable), it's become one of my go-to stores!



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