Wednesday, January 23, 2013

Wedding DIY: Cardboard Letters all Laced Up

Alright, here's a post of one of my favorite wedding DIYs so far! It's simple, and super cute. Although, I do recommend using a different method of gluing. My fingers are all sticky right now, and its rather annoying. Oh, and I have a beagle staring at me, whining, and putting her paw on my makeshift desk.

 Seeeeee. She's a goof, and always hungry too. I think these early morning classes I have this semester have made her think that dinner time is at 5 and not 7 anymore. Oh well, its pretty cute! (and excuse the messy looking room, it's my fiance's..I can't wait until I actually live here so it doesn't look like a disaster hit. The joys of three boys living together?)

Alright! Let's get to what this post is actually about! Crafty time! :)
I'll show you a picture of the end result first. I planned on putting these either on our table at the reception, or maybe the desert table, not sure which just yet.

I went to Hobby Lobby yesterday and picked up most of what I needed for this project, which is not very much. It's really inexpensive, and if you already have most of the items laying around, like I did, it'll only cost you about $5. Awesome?!

Here's the supply list:

  • Cardboard letters - $2.47 each (you can do initials, or just your last name initial, or your name..endless possibilities!)
  • Medium sized paper doilies - $1.49 (I got a pack of 8 awhile back for another project)
  • Scissors 
  • Spray glue or Modge Podge 
    • okay, here's my tiff. I used spray glue because its what I had on hand. I left my Modge Podge at my parents' house over Christmas break. Although the spray glue did work, it got everywhere and as before mentioned, my hands, the table, and everything else around the area I used are all sticky. Gross. So if I could redo this, I definitely would use Modge Podge.
That's it! Pretty short and sweet. 

Oops, scissors not in the picture...

Here goes!

Step one:  Place one doily on top of the letter you've selected. K for Kristina! Move it around until you get it in a place that looks perfect for you, and then crease the paper on the edge of the letter (just the straight part, not any other section..we'll get to that.)

 Step two: Crease the doily over the back edge of the straight part of the letter. This is so you'll be able to see where to glue the doily in case it moves around accidentally.

 Step three: Next, time for the glue. I'd recommend spraying the actually doily itself so that the glue doesn't cover the entire letter, but you can do it which ever way you'd like. So, spray the glue in the spine section of the letter first, hold that part down, and then do the front in small sections. Hold each section down for about 15-20 seconds so the glue holds on to the letter. Do the same for the back of the letter.

Side Note: If you're going to use Modge Podge, put a layer on the letter in small sections, put the paper down over the Modge Podge until you've got the doily on there. Then put another layer over the top of the doily so it stays! You'll have to wait for the Modge Podge to dry before you can do the back of the letter though.

 Step four: After the glue (or Modge Podge) has dried, cut the parts of the doily that are hanging over the edge of the letter so that you can fold them down and glue them to the side of the letter. Be sure to cut down the middle!

For the backs, I just cut off the edges to give it a clean look.

Step five: Wait for it all to dry, if there are any parts sticking up, just glue 'em down again. Here's my 'K'. Repeat for any other letters you've got. The 'C' was pretty tricky for me because its curvy, and doesn't have anything in the middle.. I messed up the first time, but the one good thing about using the spray glue, I just pulled the doily off and started over.

See, that didn't take too long, did it? I really do like the way the letters turned out, even if I do have sticky fingers. Hope your's turn out just as fabulous, I'm sure they will! :) 

Have a fabulous week rest of the week! I'll probably have more DIY projects up pretty soon. Oh, and I ordered a dress for my Ring Day in April, not what I originally had in mind, but I love it! It should be here today or tomorrow..come on FedEx! I'll post it as soon as it gets here. Cross your fingers it was in a UK size, so I hope I ordered the right one! Ha. 


  1. I absolutely love this! It would be cool to spray paint them a color as well!
    Almost Endearing

    1. Thanks Carlee! :)
      And I agree, you could definitely do a ton of different things with the letters!

      Found your blog earlier, I must say, I'm quite excited to start following along. Congrats on your recent engagement! I got engaged back in July, its an amazing time!


  2. You are soooo creative! I'd love to try that myself

  3. This is such a gorgeous DIY! I painted cardboard letters like this for my dorm and loved them, but this is a really creative way to use them. Hope your Ring Day dress made it :)

    Nicole @ Sequined Patterns

    1. Thanks Nicole! I've used some before that spelled the word EAT and painted them to look like metal (it was actually a pretty nifty trick), and they're over my stove in the kitchen!

      And my dress did make it! It fit perfectly, I'm so excited about it :D



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