Thursday, January 17, 2013

Obessions post.

So, I'm thinking I'm going to start posting about my latest obsession. They change from week-to-week, month-to-month, so this could end up being a recurring thing. Woot.

One: Side ponytail with teased crown to, you know, get my Adele on. I love the retro look it gives, and its a great way to vamp-up a boring old ponytail. I just found this picture the other day on Pinterest and it was love at first sight. Def going to give it a try sometime soon..aka when I actually wake up with time to do anything abnormal to my hair (as in not going over it in 3 minutes with a flat iron, ha.)

Two: I love love love striped dresses. Actually, I'm really not quite sure why I don't own one at this point, but I'm pretty sure I'm going to order this one from F21. I tried looking for it in the store we have here, but its a relatively small Forever 21 compared to the one I'm used to back home. So, I'll probably have a looksie when I go to my parents' house this weekend!

Three: POLKA DOTS ARE EVERYWHERE! And I love it. I'm in need of a good black and white top, and I think this one will do the trick. Hopefully, I can find it in the store because I honestly can't stand buying stuff from Forever 21 online. Their return policy makes me a bit angry..but then again, I do like having unexpected store credit. Love/hate relationship?

Four: For those of us out there that don't really know much about make-up, how to put it on, what stuff to buy, etc etc, this awesome video shows you how to do one of my all-time favorite eye make-up techniques, cat-eyes, in a foolproof manner! Yay! I'm constantly making the lines too fat, too skinny, not even, going out too far, pretty much anyway you can mess-up cat-eyes, I manage to do it every time. Except of course, when I'm not going anywhere and just feel like messing with make-up, of course.

Five: I love Downton Abbey. If you've read my about me, you'd know I'm obsessed with all things British. So naturally, I love this show!! And ever since I saw the first episode of the third season, I've been obsessing over Lady Mary's wedding headpiece. I've been searching for something similar for my own wedding, that's how much I love it. I say something similar because that headpiece is a 45-carat diamond headpiece, worth of $200,000. A bit out of the budget I'd say. But, I have faith I'll find one just as beautiful!

 Six: Lavender. Shift dress. I'm in love. But really, I've just discovered that I actually look good in the color lavender, and I've been spying shift dresses popping up all over the place! I may try one on before actually purchasing this one, just to make sure I don't look like a frumpy dumpy in one. It's from Ruche, my absolute favorite store ever. I wish they'd come to Texas, I'd be there everyday..dreaming..but I guess my computer screen is good enough for now.

Seven: Burgundy is one of my absolute favorite colors, and yes, maybe it's also my main school color, making it a very practical one for me to wear (thank you Texas A&M for having the best school colors on earth). But I've been obsessing along with the rest of the fashion obsessed girls out there since pretty much every piece of clothing you could imagine came out in oxblood, wine, burgundy, maroon, whatevs. This is a BB Dakota dress, absolutely love it. I'm probably going to order it for my Aggie Rind Day in April!

Eight: No linkie for this awesome bunting, but its from Pinterest! I'm pretty sure I'm going to try and make some fabric bunting for the wedding because I love it so much! Its just classic, and that's what I'm going for, classic and vintage, with a touch of whimsical. Hopefully, I can enlist some helpers to help me make enough!

Mkay, I think I made that long enough! But those are a few of my latest obsessions, hope everyone's having a fantastic week. Mine's been pretty long, being the first week of the spring semester and all. Can't believe I'm practically a year away from getting my degree! Crazy how time flies!

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