Sunday, February 17, 2013

Day 14: Back to Normal

Yesterday was tons of fun. The talent show, which was actually more of a sing and dance type of thing, was awesome. We didn't stay the entire was rather long, and my buttocks did not like those seats. But my friend, Denise, was amazing! She had a solo and everything, I'm so proud. It's Sunday..once again, and I've got to get back into the groove of things, not excited, but this was definitely the break I needed.

I took these photos on the way back to College Station, in a tiny town named, Calvert. It has a row of shops that always look so vintage and adorable (my style for sure), so I decided to stop and take my photos for this fourteenth day of my 30x30 challenge. Almost halfway there, I'm ready to have my closet back..I miss it you guys. I took the pictures behind the shops, out of the way of the watchful eyes of passersby on the highway. Although, there was a car that passed by twice..either they were lost or just trying to figure out what I was doing, I'm gonna go with the latter, I don't think many exciting things happen in Calvert.

Muggles has a problem with taking pictures. She's scared of my DSLR, so I figured she'd be able to handle my only works if she doesn't know she's having her photo taken, otherwise, forget about it, won't happen. But, what can I say, she is a beagle, and she really wanted to explore once I got her out of the car. I think she'll enjoy our roadside adventures if I do this more often, there's a mural wall I spotted on my way out, gotta hit it up sometime.

Anyway, I love this blouse, it's so comfortable, but it has a more put together look than a tee. I'm definitely going to get some more if I find a good sale at Old Navy again. Oh, and that belt is really cool, even if it is a little too big, I'm glad I finally got to wear it and show it off with a tucked in shirt. Hope y'all are enjoying the last bit of weekend we've got. I'm glad to be back with Curt (even if I haven't seen him yet..he's studying on campus), even though it's only been two days, I missed him! Good thing we'll be living together soon, I'm tired of being apart.

How was y'all's weekend? Did ya do anything fun?!

Linking up this weekend (I know I'm late..oops) with: 

Blouse: Old Navy
Skinnies: Gap
Belt: Gap
T-Strap Flats: Forever 21 
(apparently they don't have the black anymore, but the nude is there)


  1. Freakin' cuuuute blouse! That color is PERFECT. and that baby beagle. she is too much!!

    I'm so glad you had such a good weekend!! Mine was spent shopping, being lazy, spending lots of time at church, and eating lots of junk food (all with mah boy). It was the most perfect weekend in my opinion :)

    -Jenna Brianne

    1. Thanks Jenna :)
      Your weekend sounds like it was pretty awesome too! Lazy weekends are my favorites.

  2. Love love love that blouse! That is such a pretty color!

  3. Such a pretty blouse....and in the perfect color:)! Hope you had a great weekend girl!

  4. very cute outfit~ I love it! So springy~


  5. Great outfit!!!

  6. your style is adorable!! and you have a beagle. ahhh beagle! <3
    i love beagles. mine just passed away about two years ago :(
    but seeing other cute beagles makes me happy :)


    The DayLee Journal

    1. Thanks, Marsa! I'm sorry to hear about your beagle, we had one pass away a few years ago too, it's so sad because they're the sweetest things ever. I've got two now though, you'll see them all over the place here ;)


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