Monday, February 18, 2013

Day 15: Bending the Rules

Like I said on Saturday (Friday?), I may or may not have broken the whole no spending rule of this 30x30 challenge. Well, I decided I couldn't wait two more weeks, I wanted to show y'all a little bit of what I got this weekend at Plato's Closet (okay, one thing doesn't count). Also, since I sort of "re-celebrated" my birthday this weekend, I got a lot of gift cards, but I'm not planning on going shopping anymore until this challenge is over. I think I've broken the rules enough, and I'm kind of hoping those things I have my eye on go on sale. Good things come to those that wait, as in awesome sales, tehe.

In the spirit of bending rules, I decided I wanted to wear a pair of boots I've been dying to show you guys. I bought them right before the challenge started, and I have no stinking clue why I didn't just throw them in the pile when planning out..instead of my dumb sandals. The weather here is lame, I promise it was shorts weather right before I started, and it's been pretty chilly throughout the entire challenge..ugh. I think there may be a chance for a teenie bit warmer weather later this week, I have a ton of outfits for my shorts and sandals. Anyway, I had been lusting after a pair of Sam Edelman booties for awhile, but I was not willing to dish out $130-160 for a pair, enter Ebay. I've never really used Ebay before, it's semi-intimidating, and I'm also kind of skeptical of people sometimes..but I thought I'd give it a look over, just to see if I could find a pair of black ankle boots (an item that's on my Holes in My Closet list), and lo-and-behold, there they were. I watchlisted 'em for a few days, and then while I was doing some homework, I waited until literally the last 10 seconds to make an offer. I won them for $31.25! What?! I had to pay $10 in shipping, but..uhm, $40 compared to $160, I'll take that any day. I bought them with birthday money too, so they were basically free. I love them so much, one day I'll buy the taupe colored ones too.

So, this is semi in my guidelines for the 30x30 challenge, the tee and the pants are in there already, and since I didn't really add jackets to mine, I wouldn't say that wearing my awesome new utility/military jacket is completely breaking the rules, but hey, I still felt like I was cheating..I'm not a rule breaker you guys. Thank you Type A personality. But, when I saw Kendi from Kendi Everday wearing a similar outfit the other day on her blog, and then I found this amazing Loft jacket for $15 at Plato's Closet, I knew I had to recreate it (minus her awesome wasn't cold enough today, plus I don't really own many of them). I felt pretty Seattle chic, especially since it was all rainy the entire time I was at school earlier.

Oh, and I'm planning on getting a hair cut at some point this week. My hair mop is really starting to bother me with its icky split-ends. I think I'll just be getting a trim, I don't really want to do anything too drastic before the wedding..but I plan on making a change afterwards. Alright, I've got to get back to studying (something my awesome weekend lacked greatly and I'm paying for now, bleh), hope you guys had marvelous Monday.

I'll be marking off two things from my list of Holes in my Closet, chicka-chicka-yeaaah.

Linking up with: Thrifters Anonymous over at Shana's blog, ColorBlind

Specks: Warby Parker
Jacket: Loft via Plato's Closet
Tee: Target
Skinnies: Gap
Belt: Abercrombie & Fitch (old)
Watch: Michael Kors
Ankle Boots: Sam Edelman

Song of the Post: Anything Could Happen by Ellie Goulding


  1. I like this look. Good buy with the shoes!

  2. i am constantly drooling over all sam edelman shoes. i've looked for a lot of things on ebay, but never bought (won) because stuff is still usually out of my price range. i'm seriously impressed with how much you got those for--even with shipping! my goal is to buy all of j.crew via ebay because i'll never be able to afford it at the real price.

    i've also got a military-inspired utility jacket on my 'holes in my closet' list! yours is so cute and such a good steal coming from plato's. the one in cstat is somehow SO MUCH better than the one in austin.


    1. Honestly, I don't know if people just weren't looking for them when these were up on ebay or what, but I was honestly surprised that I got them for that cheap as well. Normally, if I watchlist stuff, they jump up way too high for me to ever bid on. And yes, I'm constantly looking up J. Crew and Madewell stuff on there.. maybe one day I'll be able to afford skimmers from Madewell, even if they are secondhand! ha.

      And I actually got the jacket from the plato's in Waco. It's literally the best one I've ever been in. It recently opened, so I figured it wouldn't be very good when I first went in about a month ago..boy was I wrong. The one here in CS smells weird, and though I've found some really awesome stuff in there before, I'm becoming obsessed with the one back home.

    2. honestly, i say honestly too much. ;)

  3. I've been dreaming of a jacket like that for days -- great snag! I also have totally failed with not buying new things during my 30. Oops?

    1. Me too, I had to buy it when I found it. There wasn't any stopping this force of nature. Glad I'm not the only one that can't seem to manage the no spending rule ;)

  4. Kristina, what an awesome deal you got on the jacket and it looks so great on you - don't you love when that happens? :) I'm digging this outfit with the specs, it really suits you and I am DROOLING over your MK - I've been wanting one for awhile and am still trying to justify the price to day.

    Sequined Patterns

    1. Why thank you ma'am.
      Lord knows I would've never gotten an MK watch if it weren't for mothers and Christmas presents ;)

  5. Well aren't you just the cutest darn thing! As much as I like your outfit, I (SUPER) love that watch! I seriously need to invest and just get myself a nice watch. There's one that Wristology makes and I've been drooling over it for so long. I think I'm just gonna have to save up and get it, you've inspired me :)

    -Jenna Brianne

    1. Thank you, Jenna dear! :)
      I love love my watch, so I think you should definitely think about getting one. I know I'll have it for a long long time (I've already had it for a year and a couple of months, and seeing as I still love it..I think I'll love it for a while longer, lol).

  6. Amazing outfit! I love the blazer:)

    Check out my blog:

  7. Good for you for looking on eBay! I need to do that more often instead of just thinking "welp, I can't afford these." The boots really are so cute!

    Thanks so much for visiting my blog - I am following you now too!

    1. Thanks, Ashley! :)
      And I know.. I'm just slightly afraid I'll become addicted to ebay. Luckily, most of the items go up above a price I would pay, soo..I'm not as tempted.

  8. Hey, I wanted to let you know that I linked to this look in my post today. You give me the inspiration about how to wear my utility jacket for the first time!


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