Saturday, March 23, 2013

Gettin' Adventurous

The other day Curtis and I were driving around downtown Bryan, the sister city to the town I live in.. Most people that haven't ever really been to College Station call it Bryan -- just fyi, they are not the same place, at all, ha. Bryan is much less "developed" than College Station.. well, let's be honest here, Bryan's kind of ghetto. But, I always love going to downtown Bryan, it's been remodeled and revitalized throughout the past decade or so, and they've made it into a such beautiful and vibrant place. There's tons of niche restaurants and shops (lots of lawyers too? haha), and all of the buildings still have that old style feel, I absolutely love it. Anyway, after Curtis and I had picked up lunch from a little barbecue restaurant we had recently heard about, Fargo's, we drove down a road I had never been on before -- maybe Curtis had, I duno, he's been here longer than me. But, we passed by an old train station, I freaked out.. naturally, I love old buildings and trains, it was a win win.
Another back story: Bryan was here before College Station, but they built my university, Texas A&M, slightly outside of the town of Bryan in 1871. Oh, also, TAMU was the first public university in Texas, don't listen to those silly Longhorn's when they say they were the first, nope, that was us. It's pretty cool actually, if you've ever really paid attention in your U.S. history class, the Morrill Act, that was signed into law by Abraham Lincoln to establish land grant universities is the reason Texas A&M is here, thanks Abe! Anyway, there was a college in the middle of no where Texas, with nothing around it but a train station and train tracks, what would you name such a place once it started growing a little bit? College Station, duh! Okay, so maybe it isn't the most original name ever, but I thought it was a pretty cool story.. and it goes along with my train station adventure.
I didn't take these photos at the exact train station I'm talking about above, but I'm taking some of my bridal pictures there (which are today by the way!) so I didn't want to ruin the surprise in my bridal pictures by taking some regular old outfit post photos there first. I'm definitely going back after my bridals though! But, in the mean time, this awesome old building, which used to be a feed building, will have to do. I'm pretty sure this was the docking station for trucks and whatnot. I also spotted some more places that'd be fun to take photos, so we'll see if I can keep this adventurous spirit up.

Maybe I went picture crazy? Sorry I'm not sorry. I would've taken some more pictures of downtown Bryan, but it got a little too dark and everything was kinda blurry without flash. Also, I didn't really want to walk around because the back of my pants were covered in dusty dirt stuff from sitting down.. note to self, don't sit down on old wooden floors in light colored pants for post pictures, it's probably not the smartest idea.. #bloggerproblems

I had some serious problems with keeping this shirt tucked into my pants.. does anyone have any advice on keeping shirts tucked in? I'm so used to wearing it with a high waisted skirt with it, so I didn't even think about it when I first put it on in the morning.

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Cardigan: Target (similar)
Blouse: Forever 21 (similarcute option)
Jeans: Gap (similar)
Belt: Gap (similar)
Watch: Michael Kors (similar)
Flats: Forever 21 (savespendsplurge)
Purse: Target (similar)


  1. Loving all of the color! You look gorgeous!! Have so much fun!!

  2. if you figure out how to keep shirts tucked in, let me know.

    also, sort of random i guess, but the wedding photog i work for did engagement photos in cstat and bryan the other day and we just posted them on the blog here

    putting links in comments that aren't my blog link is weird. i hope that posts.

    1. Haha, i def will letcha know if i ever figure it out. i seriously considered going and finding a pair of those things men used to use to keep their shirts tucked in and socks up..but yeah, no, i don't really want to do that.

  3. These pictures are gorgeous, girl!! Can I just say how jealous I am that it's considered a normal thing to do bridal portraits down south?? People up north would look at me like I had three heads if I wanted to do them.

    But I probably still will. Cause it sounds awesome!

    You better share a few! :)

    -Jenna Brianne

    1. Thanks chica! :)

      uhmmm, that's SOOO weird that you guys up north don't take bridal pictures! So weird! I'd still take 'em if i were you. it was so so much fun!

  4. My tip for keeping shirts tucked in..... I tuck the shirt into my underwear! I know, I know, that sounds so weird and crazy, but it works! Instead of the shirt just being tucked into your pants, its tucked in double time! haha

    1. okay.. i totally said that to my fiance, and he acted like i was crazy or something! i'll give it a try next time :)

  5. Love your pants! And flats. Very cute stuff. :)

    This is such a pretty place. Bridal photo shoot-worthy, indeed.


  6. You look so dang cute! love the mint and blue together.

  7. I LOVE looking at pictures, and these pics are fantastic!!! Loving those jeans and shoes girl, you look great!!!

    xo Dinah @ sunshine super glam

  8. This is such a beautiful outfit Kristina! That delicate pretty blouse against the mint jeans is perfect and totally making me crave some summery days,haha! And im totally swooning over those to-die-for-and-im-not-even-exaggerating shoes! lololol!! Hope youre having a great day sweetie xx

  9. Ugh! Totally jealous of your mint pants.. and that blouse!! Love it!

    Hope you can check out my new post on the site. I'd love to hear what you think!

    1. By the way, just followed on GFC :) Totally need to read more from you! XO


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