Friday, March 22, 2013

Wedding DIY: Love Birds

Source (sorry, I had this photo saved on my phone, so I can't find the original source)
Once I saw that photograph, I was convinced I had to incorporate it into my wedding. It's my entire wedding in a nutshell -- lace, twin, and glitter (who doesn't love some glitter every now-and-then?), not to mention, I didn't want to put something ridiculous like this on the back of our chairs. Am I the only one in the world that thinks that's just completely tacky? ..probably, but it's just not my style, to each their own, I suppose. So I did what any normal crafty person would do, I made my own. It was really simple, but took me a couple of days because glue likes taking a long time to dry. So, here's my little tutorial so you can make your own word banner.. seriously, you can make it say anything you want!

I'll post the pictures first, and the directions will be below that.


  1. Gather the supplies needed: 
    • wooden letters (any craft store)
    • Regular Elmer's Glue 
    • Elmer's Spray Glue (Wal-Mart or craft stores)
    • Modge Podge (Wal-Mart or craft stores)
    • Hot Glue Gun + Extra Hot Glue Sticks
    • Scissors
    • Small paint brush (any will do)
    • Regular Glitter
    • Twine (Hobby Lobby)
    • Lace (I found mine at a local store, but you can cut up old curtains from Goodwill)
    • Extra Items: Plastic Plate & a Towel
  2. Spray the spray glue onto the wooden letter (on top of the towel) - just the top part though, we'll get the sides later. 
  3. Place the letter into the plastic plate and pour the glitter on top. Don't be shy about it, be sure to cover the entire letter. 
  4. Spread (regular) Elmer's Glue onto the sides of the letter; make sure you don't get too much glue in one place.
  5. Sprinkle the glitter on to the Elmer's Glue on the sides of the letter. I patted most parts with my finger to make sure it wasn't too bulgy in one place. 
  6. Place the letters on a piece of wax paper to dry overnight (and you can spell out cool words like "blover" if you'd like!) 
  7. INSERT: I totally forgot to photograph me putting Modge Podge over the glitter after the letters are dry, so do that with a small paint brush so the glitter actually stays on! After the letters are dry (again), take out your twine, lace, scissors, and hot glue gun. Cut the lace into smaller pieces (all the same length), and fold it in half over the twine. You could also just glue all of the stripes onto the letters and then put the twine through the loops of lace, but I thought this way was a little easier.
  8. Take the hot glue and glue the strip of lace down to the back of the wooden letter. I recommend spelling the entire word out before you start glue, I almost put the second letter on backwards -- so watch out for that!
  9. Once you get all of the letters and lace glued around the twine, let it dry for a bit (won't take too long..)
  10. My letters were really spotty because spray glue is ridiculous, so I mixed some glitter into some Modge Podge and filled in the spots. I also poured on some extra glitter for good measure. Then, let it all sit over night again, and you're good to go! :) 
Here's my final version! I really like the way it all turned out, and I can't wait to put these on the backs of mine and Curtis's chairs at the wedding reception! I'm really glad that my wedding is going to have lots of touches of my handy work in it, makes it much more special in my opinion. 

Hope y'all have a fantastic Friday! I've made it back home (again, gah, I'm not liking this traveling back and forth) to get everything ready for my bridal portraits tomorrow. I'm super excited! 


  1. Oh my, this is so cute! I think it's a great idea to diy what you can for your wedding. Not only will it help out budget-wise, but it will feel so much more special!

    1. Thanks, girl! :)
      That's totally what I'm goin' for, I've got a bunch more that I've either completed or have planned out to do.. we'll see if I get to 'em all.

  2. SO CUTE!! I absolutely love these. You are a craft queen, girl! :)

    -Jenna Brianne

  3. STOP IT, you are too adorable. I can't handle it!
    Fifth Freedom Fashion

  4. so cute* DIY is the way to go if you wan to have a personalized and unique wedding*

  5. I'm making these today! How did you hang it on the chairs?


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