Tuesday, May 14, 2013

A Little Update

Hey everyone! I'm so sorry I've been an awful blogger lately, but it has been one crazy, crazy week. Fun.. but crazy. We've got just about everything in place for the wedding, and I am soooooooooo excited. I've been doing lots of last minute things, such as ordering flowers (I know, why did I not order them years ago?), making sure everything is okay with the cake lady and the caterer, packing for the honeymoon -- which, I'll have a packing post up on Thursday woohoo!, making the programs, figuring out what on earth I'm going to give to my mom and my future mother-in-law (I'm just going to make something.. so much more special in my opinion), freaking out because the gifts for my bridesmaids are still being shipped, even though I ordered them back at the end of March, it's ridiculous, and just trying to survive until the wedding arrives, really. Here's a few pictures for y'all, along with a little bit of what I've been up to.

What's that you say? What are those random stripes of fabric doing on a really long pole? Well, it's going to be our backdrop behind our "head table" or whatever. My mom and I just finished it up last night, and it really didn't take all that long either. Well, if you don't count all the time it took my house party/bridesmaids and I to cut all those stripes.. and believe me, we cut way, way too many, but better safe than sorry! All of the fabric used came from old table clothes, curtains, and bed sheets from Goodwill, and then we just glued them around the pole with fabric glue. Easy peasy, and I hope it looks great! We're going to hang a sign in the middle of it as well!

On to the programs! Seriously, they're kind of my pride and joy. I designed them myself, rather than paying someone $25-75 to do it for me, they fit perfectly with my whole theme and color scheme, not to mention.. I saved myself over $200 by creating the design on my own, using card stock paper I had bought almost a year ago on sale for like $4, and getting them printed at Kinko's. Plus, they're exactly what I wanted! The weather forecast looks pretty decent right now, but Heaven knows it likes to get real warm in Texas in the late spring time, so I knew I wanted my programs to be fans from the get-go since our ceremony is outdoors. So, after getting them printed out, all I had to do was fold them in half -- the front side has all of the wedding party info on it, and the back has the actual ceremony program on it, clip of the corners with a corner-rounder I bought at Hobby Lobby for $3.50, and glue the wooden handle in between the two sides, as well as the backsides themselves. Two of my bridesmaids and I worked to get all 130 of them done in one evening, too. Oh, and I'm pretty much in love with this basket I found at Hobby Lobby as well, yeah, it's going in my house after this is all over!

Lastly, Curtis and I pulled out our passports that we ordered back in December (so cool that we actually have passports!) for the cruise, so we could sign up for our boarding pass early online..less waiting in line time sounds like a good plan to me! We haven't picked out the excursions we want to do quite yet, but we know we can't afford to do one at every stop, so we'll probably just choose one big one and then relax at the other two stops. Annnnnnnd, we finally got our marriage license on Monday! It's official you guys, we're really, really getting married! Whoop! Although, Texas has like a 72 hour waiting period from the time you receive your marriage license before you can actually be "officially" married, weird.

All-in-all y'all, I cannot wait to be married in four days. I know it's going to be one of the absolute best things in my life, and I'm so ready to be Curt's other half. God has blessed me with such an amazing man, and I know we've got a lot of fun in-store for us! Hope you all had a fantastic weekend, and are having a great start to your week! It's gonna be a great one, I just know it!


  1. sounds crazy, busy, and fun.
    so excited for you lady!


  2. How exciting!!! Have fun on your honeymoon :]


  3. I remember when I got married back in december al the chaos and excitement of the days before! You must be so happy and ecstatic!! Have fun and enjoy every minute of it. And btw, I loooove all your diy projects!



  4. Love that made half of your wedding stuff yourself! So thrifty and smart!
    Super excited for you!



  5. How exciting!!! I'm so happy for you and your next chapter in life. Congrats!

    Nestled in Nostalgia

  6. OH MY GOSH your wedding is going to be best wedding ever. i seriously have no doubt! sooo happy and excited for ya'll (...no i am not from the south I just like saying that). hehe praying for great wedding for your big day! i am so in love with your fan wedding programs and that awesome looking fabric-pole thing. oooohhh my goodness i can't wait to see pictures!!

    -Jenna Brianne

  7. Ohmygoodness so exciting! I really love all the personal touches you've included in the planning of your wedding.

  8. Eeeeeek!! So exciting!
    I loveee the programs as fans! That is SO perfect for an outdoor wedding!
    I've been thinking of making a backdrop just like that for a photobooth! Of course I love that most of your stuff came from Goodwill ;)

    <3 danielle

  9. EEEE! You are getting married! I can't wait to see all the pictures of everything when you're back and ready to share :) I'm envisioning it already... Yay!!!

  10. O,g, I've been waiting for this post!!! I'm so excited for you, it's going to be an amazing day. Great job on the DIY stuff, definitely save a program to look at years from now :-)

  11. So happy for you!!! Your wedding invitations are beautiful!!



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