Thursday, May 16, 2013

Packing for a Cruise

First off, let me say.. packing has never been my strong suit. I'm the world's worst over-packer, I think of every possible situation I could be thrown in, and seeing as I liked to be dressed for the occasion, I'm pretty awful at not packing every single article of clothing in my closet. So, this is me, trying to be somewhat sensible about what I take with me on this honeymoon vacation.

The cruise is 7 days, 6 nights; there will be two formal dinners, lots of lounging around, swimming, possible adventures on the mainlands, and fun casual shows, lunches, and activities. Here's what I'm taking with me:

1 / 2 / 3 / 4

Swimwear: I'm so excited to be able to whip these bad boys out! My favorite is the one-piece, it's just so flattering and like two of my other bathing suits (the cobalt & polka dotted one) it has an underwire for extra support, because well.. I'm not the biggest fan of saggy swimsuit tops. I'm terrible at buying all blue bathing suits, so this year, I tried my best to NOT buy blue ones, yeah, failure. Oh well, I love them. 

Swimsuit Cover-ups: From what I've read about cruises, they don't allow you to wear your bathing suit any other place except the pools (and beaches, of course), so cover-ups are really important. I've had the yellow one for a really long time, but I wanted another one to be able to alternate. I can also wear these to more casual lunches and activities too! The sandals here are specifically for swimming/beach time; I hadn't gotten Old Navy flip flops in well over 6 or 7 years, so I picked up a pair in neon yellow, along with the grey cover up last week. 

Dresses: Since there are two very formal dinners, I decided to bring along two of my favorite dresses at the moment. The patterned one y'all have seen me wear to multiple events in the past couple of months, seriously one of my favorites! The one in the middle I bought from Modcloth a while back, and I had planned on wearing it to my Ring Day, but it was too hot, and it felt way, way too formal anyway. But, I'm glad to be getting use out of it on the cruise, it's so beautiful! I bought this cobalt blue maxi dress way back in January specifically for the cruise, it's slightly too long because I'm just that short, but it'll work! I plan on wearing it to more informal dinners. 

Tops: This was one of the hardest parts of packing for me. I just don't own that many summery tops, and I didn't want to bring along a bunch of clothes...and then not wear them because I was in my bathing suit/cover-up the whole time. So, I tried to make it as minimalist as possible. I figured I could make these tops go with multiple bottoms, and if I didn't wear one, I wouldn't feel too bad. 

Skirts: I'm bringing a couple of skirts for the more informal dinners/shows, since I'm a skirt kinda gal anyway. Definitely will be wearing these on those days we're at sea. 

Shorts: I brought my favorite shorts because I want to be as comfortable as possible. I've been wanting to wear those floral shorts for forever, and I won't mind wearing them over a bathing suit one day. 

Extras: I'm bringing a few t-shirts, a tank top, a couple of athletic shorts/tights, and my favorite boyfriend jeans along (just in case I don't want to wear shorts). I know I'll get use out of the t-shirts and athletic shorts because Curtis and I may do some zip lining or hiking at some point. 

Shoes: Okay, this recovering shoe addict has been known to take way too many pairs of shoes with her.. everywhere, so I tried to keep it to a minimum while packing for the cruise. A couple have specific outfits they'll go with, but most of them can go with multiple outfits.. so yeah, minimalist living on a boat is probably best, and Curtis might punch me if I bring 28 pairs of shoes. I'm bringing a pair of wedges, black patent pumps, my tennis shoes, one pair of flats, and two pairs of sandals. 

Bags: Beach bag (of course), a small bag for carrying around any towns we may go to, and an extra just in case, not to mention, it reminds me of Mexico, so I felt compelled to bring it along. I'll also be taking a backpack, but that's Curtis' job, tehe. 

Accessories: A few belts are necessary, my boater hat because I'm going to be on a boat (hehe), and jewelry are all I'm planning on bringing. I wish I had a sun hat, but I don't really want to go out and buy one. Oh, and I'm pretty dang excited to wear all of those earrings! 

Necessities: I bought a ton of sunscreen (SPF 50 because we're pale), and even got one of those sunscreen sticks for our face because I hate putting sunscreen directly on my face. I made sure to bring my aloe vera just in case we do get sunburned, and ear drops to prevent swimmer's ear, which I definitely recommend bringing, I know I always need it after swimming. Curt's mom bought us each an underwater camera, I'm so excited to use them!

The stuff I forgot to photograph earlier.. my brand new Cole Haan sunglasses that I'm in love with, I had been looking for some cat eyes for so long, and the book I'm currently reading, A Storm of Swords, for those lazy afternoons. 

There you have it! I'm so excited and blessed to be able to go on this cruise with Curtis. I haven't been out of Texas since I was 13, so if I wasn't more excited about getting married Saturday, I'd probably be jumping up and down about finally being able to get out of this state!

This is my last post before I go off and get married, so the next time y'all see me, I'll be Mrs. Curtis Ross! I've got some wonderful guest blog posts lined up for next week with some fabulous ladies. I asked them to do a summer-themed post, and they did not disappoint! I'm so excited for all of the fantastic summer fun they have in-store for you, so I hope everyone enjoys that. And... I'm off! Have a great week and a half everyone :)


  1. Girl! Wishing you and Curtis a lifetime of wedded bliss! Enjoy this very special and momentous occasion and have a blast on the cruise:))! So happy for you! Congrats!

  2. i can't wait to see all of your fun pictures when you come back. have fun getting married, my love!

    xo nicole

  3. ahhh you got that high waisted swimsuit from uo that i wanted.
    have so much fun lady!


  4. Yay!!!!!!! I'm so happy right now, it's going to be wonderful Kristina!

  5. so excited for you! i'm terrible about overpacking too, and i STILL manage for forget really important things!... like my toothbrush -_- have fun!!

  6. Your cruise sounds like SO much fun, I hope you have a blast! Also, I hope the wedding is wonderful and that you don't get too stressed.

  7. First off I love your shoes! Like all of them. And the red n black mod cloth dress looks a lot like the one Rose wears on Titanic seriously look it up :) I'm also reading the song of ice and fire series, but I'm on a Clash of Kings right now. They are so good :)

    Have fun on your cruise!!

  8. Congratulations, so exciting! And have lots of fun on your cruise!

  9. Sooo happy for you! And pack like me. Although since I'm going on a vacation next week I'm really trying to pack light. We'll see if that happens...

  10. I always over pack too! Have fun on your trip!

  11. AHHHHH YOU'LL BE A MRS.! dang, that's awesome. loved all the clothes you packed! have SO MUCH FUN on your wedding day/cruise! <3

    -Jenna Brianne

  12. Cuuuute! I think you did a good job packing - lots of opportunities for mixing/matching and variety, and still enough to fit in a suitcase :) I AM SO EXCITED FOR YOU - have so much fun, my dear!!! XOXO

  13. I always over-pack too, however last September on our vacation I was able to pack a few clothes (just 4 swimsuit like you) for a 5 nights, 6 days trip & it was nice & liberating. I wore everything & some things twice or 3 times. Looks like you packed everything you need & just enough. Have a Great Honeymoon.

  14. I LOVE LOVE LOVE your swimsuits! Especially that vintagey high-waisted red one. Super cute. Oh and those sunglasses! I'm right there with you on the overpacking btw... I'm the same way. And I know I'm really late, because I've been really bad on commenting on blogs, but I love your new blog design and congratulations on your marriage license and upcoming wedding!!!

  15. Yay! I'm so excited for you! Congratulations are your wedding and I hope you have a blast on your honeymoon...which I'm sure you will :) I love this post...such a great idea! I love all of your swimsuits, but especially the floral one with the high waisted bottoms. I'm dying to get one like that! Oh and the dress in the middle is so Gatsby-esque. I LOVE it!

    Have an amazing time dear!!!

    xo Ashley
    Twenties Girl Style

  16. Congrats, i just realized that you are already can call yourself Mrs.Curtis Ross for a day :)

    I hope you'll have fun on your honeymoon and i can't wait to see your pics.
    x Audrey

  17. Yea!!! I know you won't see this for a while but I'm so happy for you! I was at a wedding on Saturday and it reminded me of you- congratulations Mrs. Ross!


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