Wednesday, May 8, 2013

Pinspiration, #2

Well, hello there lovelies. I'm glad to say, I've made it through another year of college. It's actually really mind boggling to me that I've already been in school for three years.. seems like just yesterday I was moving into my freshman dorm. My little break was much needed though, three exams in less than 24 hours was not a fun thing to study for, and I was having serious trouble falling asleep. I think I just have way, way too much on my mind, but you'll be glad to know.. I had one heck of a nap yesterday afternoon. Warning in advance, I'm sorry if this post is random and ramble-y.. or if words are misspelled and sentences don't quite make sense. My brain is still in finals mode. AKA: blaaaaaah. 

Anyway! My second Pinspiration (you can check out my first one, here) was one that I knew I could do right away, well.. it took me like three minutes to realize I had a scarf pretty much exactly like the one in the photo, I always forget about scarves.. there just aren't too many opportunities to wear them in Texas. But, I am really digging getting to wear a bright color with all my neutrals! Plus, I got to wear my mocs with a dress for the first time, yeah, you can bet your bottom dollar this will be happening a lot. Seriously, they are the most comfortable shoes on the face of the planet. 

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Dress: Wal-Mart | Jacket: LOFT via Plato's Closet | Scarf: Gap | Belt: Gap | Moccasins: Minnetonka (exact)

I think Curtis likes this dress, because he always compliments me when I wear it, no matter how I do it. It's quite cute. We went shopping for some clothes/swim trunks for him for the honeymoon yesterday, it's getting so close but somehow, it still seems so surreal! Packing for a cruise is actually really difficult you guys. You have to bring fancy clothes, swimwear, lounge clothes, nicer..but not too nice clothes, ahhh.. it's too much for me, the girl who over-packs for a weekend trip! I am planning on doing a packing post next week though, maybe it'll help me organize a little better?

Oh, I wanted to thank all of you for your kind words on my last post. You all are so, so supportive, and I am so thankful for having found such a fantastic group of women here. I love reading all of the sweet comments everyday, some make me tear up (okay.. bawl like a baby), others make me crackup so much that Curtis thinks I'm a crazy person, but I love reading them so very much. So, thank you all for the friendship you have shown me! I kind of can't believe I hit 100 followers over the weekend, it made studying a little bit more manageable. I'm so happy to have started this blog, and I know it can only get better from here! Love you guys!

Have a happy, happy Wednesday! For those of you still taking finals, good luck and study hard! 

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Beagle Butt
I'll just leave this here.. And yes, Muggles has a butterfly tramp stamp.


  1. Awesome to hear you're done with school! And I love the dog's tramp stamp :p

  2. Adore a dotty dress! So pretty with the red snood too!

  3. High five for end of school!! I just finished my first semester of grad school Monday and I was sooo glad!! And if I remember correctly you are about to get married?! Eek! You look sooo cute as usual! The color combo of the scarf//patterned dress//army green..yes, yes, yes!

  4. I love the polka dot look, polka dots are my all time favourite, so fabulous

  5. I think you did a great job! I love polka dots :)

  6. this outfit is perfect. your beagles are adorable. and i am so excited for you :) congrats on hitting 100 followers (I'm making that my goal for this summer)!! You deserve all the happiness in the world, you have such a sweet heart :)

    looking forward to your packing post!

    -Jenna Brianne

  7. Cutie!!! Love this post. What a good idea to model an outfit after a pinterest inspiration pin :) You're adorable. Love you and your blog sweetie!! New fan!

    Hope you can come stop by!!

    The Rancher's Daughter

  8. Amazing look! So lovely:)

  9. Aw, I love this post. OMG, can't believe you're about to be married and go on your honeymoon, I'm so excited for you, We can do newlywed posts together! I think you should try to convince Curtis to do a husband tag video, I love those!! I must convince Robert to do one, I think he'll like it. We went shopping for furniture last week, super fun. Congrats on 100 followers, I saw it and I was like YAY!! but it's no surprise you're so sweet!
    Of course, cute outfit :-)
    Sorry for rambling on this comment, lol


    1. Aww, thank you girl! :D

      And yessss, I totally want Curtis to do a video with me one day! It'd be so hilarious. You've gotta get Robert to do it too. I really can't believe I'm about to get married, it came so, so quickly! But I am SO EXCITED!


  10. You did a great job interpreting the look! Love that pop o' color at your neck!

  11. Great job on the copycat look! You nailed it (and looked cute doing it). Have fun on your cruise! :)

  12. Hello! I’m visiting from Random Wednesday! Lovin' the polka dots :)

    Xo, tasha
    twenty-something blog

  13. Cute outfit! And i laughed so hard at your puppies "tramp stamp" haha!!

  14. Haha your beagle is so cute! I love your outfit! That polka dot dress is so cute!! Yay for being done with another year of college!! Congrats!!

  15. What an adorable look! Love the polka dots, pop of color and military jacket!

    Laura @ A Little Bit of Lacquer

  16. I love yours just as much as the pin! That polka dot dress is adorable!

  17. Great copycat outfit! I have such trouble being able to copy outfits I find since I am always lacking at least one of the pieces but yours turned out great! Love the dress :)

    Exploring My Style

  18. Congrats on hitting that great milestone of 100! :D

    Also, you picked a really cute outfit to copy :)

  19. Lovely outfit Kristina :) Really big fan of your style :)

  20. Great job recreating the look- it looks perfect! Congratulations on finishing school this year! Alex

  21. I LOVE your interpretation of this outfit! I've always been so smitten with green khaki. You can't go wrong ;)

  22. You look adorable. love the pop of color with the scarf!
    I’m an over-packer, I always feel the need to bring everything with me haha
    Cruise ar so nice! I can imagine your excitement =D

  23. Your scarf looks so nice paired with the dress and jacket! I really love the way it adds interest to the outfit :)

    Kate @ A Journey in Style

  24. Love your recreation but I also really love Muggles tramp stamp, too stinkin cute.

  25. I LOVE this look!! And I love that you are a Walmart shopper too! Right on, sister! And I LOVE that your dog's name is Muggles! We named our cat Alice, we should have named her Luna or Minerva or something like that! ;)

    High Heels and Training Wheels

  26. I really like your outfit... as in I like it way more than the original! Pinned!
    Congrats on finishing another year of school!
    With Luck Blog

  27. I loooove your outfit - your polka dot dress is adorable and I've been on the hunt for a similar coral necklace for foreverrrr! Of course Curtis loves when you wear this dress - it was made for you and your cute little body!! Congratulations on making it through another year of school. I'm always so shocked when the end of the school year has arrived - the days are long but the months are short!!! Also, Muggles is SO CUTE I CAN'T EVEN STAND IT. That last picture of her little butt? Love it.


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