Friday, June 7, 2013

Bridals, Part II

All photos were taken by Aly Day, Make My Day Photography

Okay, since I know a lot of you aren't from Texas, and may have never seen those blue beauties I'm sitting in, let me introduce you to one of the best accidental occurrences ever -- planning my bridals in late March, and not even thinking about the fact that much of the state is coated in Bluebonnets! Score! Growing up in Texas, most kids are dragged out into fields of these by their parents to take fun family photos.. usually ends in getting attacked by ants, but I'm happy to say that didn't happen on this occasion.. and I absolutely adore the way the photos turned out! 


  1. Kristina, you look so beautiful!!! I think you picked the perfect location. You look absolutely stunning!! I'm so glad you're sharing wedding pictures and details with us. Keep 'em coming! I'm sure I'm not the only one who is giddy to hear all about it!

    Exploring My Style

  2. You look so beautiful! I love your dress, it's classy but cute and feminine on the same time. You're such a beautiful bride.
    I love your bridal pics
    I'm not from Texas but when i saw your first photo, the first thing that popped through my mind was: that's bluebonnets. :)

    x Audrey

  3. Ooooh la la, you looked perfect! What a beautiful dress and your hair looked stunning!!!!

    So happy everything turned out great!

    xo Congrats again,
    Dinah @ Sunshine super glam

  4. ahhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhh! bluebonnets and a vintage camera and a beauty on a bridge, oh my! these are seriously the most beautiful bridal portraits i've ever seen. you should have Aly submit them to wedding blogs! i hope you order all of them and hang them all over your home.

    i miss yooooou. is that weird?

    xoxoxoxo nicole

  5. So gorgeous! You are an absolutely beautiful bride

  6. I seriously squealed in my kitchen when I saw that you posted your bridals!! Look look GORGEOUS. The fourth one down is my absolute faveeeee. Which one did you have at your reception? I can not waitttt to see more pictures!! :))

    <3 danielle

  7. Absolutely stunning!! I'm not a big Twilight fan but that looks like their field haha You look beautiful and I LOVE your bouquet!

    High Heels and Training Wheels

  8. you look absolutely stunning in these pictures. your dress is like my dream dream dress. it's like a fairytale dress!

  9. Your pictures are absolutely stunning! The location is great (lovely flowers), and I love your wedding dress.

  10. Oh my god the photos in the flowers. You look perfect!


  11. Kristina! You look absolutely stunning!! These photos are simply amazing! Your dress is gorgeous, your flowers are perfect, your simple jewelry is elegant...can you say fairytale?!?! I missed your last 3 posts, so I enjoyed reading over them and viewing your pictures from your honeymoon and your last bridal post! I'm so so so happy for you! Congrats lady!!!

    xo Ashley
    Twenties Girl Style

  12. The second one is my favorite- you look SO gorgeous and your dress is stunning!! Alex

  13. Gorgeous! I love the shots with the Bible! Also I love the location of the bridge :) I hope it was such a blessed day for you!!

  14. These are absolutly beautiful, love the colors! You look so happy! <3
    Congrats again =D

  15. Omg, omg, omg. I'm dying over your bridals, Kristina! Seriously, you looked absolutely stunning on your wedding day (of course you do - you're a gorgeous woman!), and these pictures are amazing. Keep the pictures coming, lady!!!


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