Monday, June 3, 2013

Finally Home

Well hey there! Sorry for the complete disconnect for so, so long, but man, have I had two and a half weeks of chaos/awesomeness/wonder/stress/crazy/magnificent.. ness! I had planned on jumping right back into blogging once I got back from the cruise, but pretty much everything was put on hold because our duplex was in the middle of a small renovation. Yay, we have freshly painted walls and brand new tile and carpet flooring! But that meant lots of moving from place to place, luckily we have awesome next-door neighbors -- otherwise known as Curtis' sister and brother-in-law, haha. Add some family health issues/emergencies on top of that, and you have a good dose of one crazy week.

But guess what?! I'm married!! And I had one of the most beautiful weddings, it was more than I could have ever hoped for.. and then some! Believe me, y'all will get to see pictures (and videos) as soon as I get some from the photographer. For now though, I thought I'd share some pictures from our honeymoon.. because lets face it, I haven't even been trying to get dressed in the mornings, a t-shirt and shorts are all I need right now.

All of these photos were taken with Curt's GoPro camera. He got it right before the wedding, and I have to say, I was semi skeptical at first, but I really have grown to appreciate it and love it. We have so many awesome videos that allow us to really remember all of the fun we had on our honeymoon. I'll definitely be sharing some of the videos at some point, and Curtis plans on making one big video with clips of everything, too.

Married life is pretty much the best thing ever, and I'm not gonna lie, not having to go home every night has been one of my favorite things because it's something we had been doing almost every night for seven years. I'll have many more photos and stories as soon as I can. I've missed all of y'all so much, and I'm ready to get caught up on everyone! (yeah.. I have over 1000 unread posts on my bloglovin', holy crap..) I'd like to give a special thanks to all of the amazing ladies that guest posted for me on the week of my honeymoon, y'all are the best and I'm so blessed to have such an amazing group of bloggy ladies! Hope you all enjoyed them as much as I did!

Hope everyone has a great start to their week! Curtis and I are starting summer classes


  1. ahhhh congrats on the wedding! Married life really is the BEST! Can't wait to see pictures of the big day

  2. Congratulations lady on your wedding, I cannot wait to see pics!!! Looks like you had a fabulous time on your honeymoon, yay!!!

    xo Dinah @ Sunshine super glam

  3. Congratulations!! I'm so glad to hear you had a nice time and can't wait to see those pics!!

    Exploring My Style

  4. Looks like you had an incredible time at your honeymoon! Can't wait to see your wedding photos <3

  5. Hi Kristina. Congrats on the Wedding and the Honeymoon. Cannot wait to see photos & video clips from the wedding & more moon photos, too.

    I enjoyed your Guests that blogged while you were gone. I wish you would have told me. I would have loved to have been a Guest Blogger. Let me know next time. Also, a couple of weeks ago I started a new feature titled Meet & Greet for newer bloggers. I would love for you to participate. Please contact me at I will let you know the details. Thanks, Ada.

  6. I'M SO GLAD YOU'RE BACK. i mean im glad you had an awesome wedding and honeymoon buuuuut the blogger world seriously missed you ;) hehe so happy for you, darling! cant wait to see more pictures!

    <3 Jenna Brianne

  7. Wooo Hoo! SO glad you're back! Great pictures <3

  8. I can't wait to see the wedding pictures!!! looks like y'all had a great honeymoon though!! Congrats on getting married!! Hopefully your life will get less stressful 'cause it sounds like the past week has been super crazy for you :)

  9. I have chills! I'm so excited to get marriedddd. We missed you too! I can't wait to hear all of your wedding/honeymoon/married life stories!


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