Sunday, June 30, 2013

June According to Instagram

Ermm, this month has literally flown by.. I'm not quite sure where it even all went. I've been rather bogged down with school, house stuff, name changing type things, beagles, wifely duties (I've never cooked more in my life!), and many other things.. and even though my blogging hasn't been as consistent, my instagramming's been pretty good! ha

  • One of the first things we did this month was unpack all of our wedding gifts. I've yet to actually make it to the thank you note part. It's quite intimidating.. if you couldn't tell by the ginormous pile of boxes (and that was just for the kitchen).  
  • Okay, so maybe we didn't get married in June, but since I didn't do an instagram update in May, I thought this picture should get an honorary place in this list. Plus, June was our first month of being a married couple! Not to mention, I'm kind of obsessed with that picture. :)
  • I'm missing football season so much right now. Baseball is kind of relieving my ache at the moment, but it's still not the same. Only two more months 'til crazy Aggie football time though! Oh, and I park next to Kyle Field a lot when I go to school for class, it only makes me want it more. 
  • I started the first project for the duplex. A dresser I found outside a dumpster at my old apartment. It's from the 40s or 50s, I was in love instantly, but it was in serious need of some lovin'. So I gave it some. 
  • The beagles and I are getting into a morning routine since I have to go to class at the same time everyday. They know I'm the one that feeds them, so they proceed to jump on me most morning once they know I'm awake. Lordy. 
  • School and stress of daily life have really made me appreciate our honeymoon, and I'd really like to go back right about now!
  • Curt and I went on a little date night, which I told y'all about here. It was lots of fun, and a much needed break from everything. 
  • Finished my first craft project, map coasters (I <3 maps too much), but I don't think they're going to hold up very long. Should've used more modge podge or some clear acrylic of some sort to seal them better. 
  • I've been collecting reward money to Gap/Old Navy for a while now, and I finally had $40 to spend, so I bought myself these pretty little lovelies and a chambray skirt (which I will be showing y'all soooooon) for zero dollars. That's what's up. 
  • Finished the dumpster dresser! I'm not completely happy with it (it still has some chippy spots), but it'll do for now. Maybe I'll paint it one day.. not soon though, ha. 
  • Whipped out my fancy schmancy Kitchen Aid Mixer to make some yummmmmy Butterfinger Monster Cookies. They were delish, and I'm in love with my mixer. 
  • June's been full of microeconomics for me. I'm not the biggest fan of long summer classes, but if it means I get 3 credits in 5 weeks instead of 15, I'm up for it. I have my final next Friday.. almost there!

Side Note: Don't forget to follow me on Bloglovin'! We're all having to say bye-bye to Google Reader (not that I really truly used it much anyway), and personally, I think Bloglovin' is the absolute best way to follow your favorite blogs! I promise I'll get back to my style post roots soon, my parents brought me my tripod today!


  1. Sounds like you've had a very busy few months! Glad to see you two are adjusting to married life :)

    Exploring My Style

  2. I love the wedding picture too...even if it's in may :) Those cookies sound delish--and I love that mixer!

  3. just realized im not following you on instagram.
    whattt ahh. must fix this now.


  4. it is SO much easier to post a quick pic on instagram than write a whole blog post, i do the same thing (ooops!) i just adore those coasters! i have a bit of a globe fetish and those are right up my alley. good luvk with unpacking!


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