Thursday, July 4, 2013

Happy Birthday, America!

The Fourth of July is always one of my favorite holidays. Simply because it's such a relaxing time (most of the time, not this year.. but hopefully next year will be better!) and you just get to sit back and enjoy it with the one's you love. I'm truly proud of my country, and I am only too happy to celebrate it's existence. I can live and think freely, we have the right to choose just about everything here, and sometimes I take that for granted.. but Independence Day always brings me back. Many in my family have served in the military to help protect those freedoms we fought so hard for 237 years ago, and I appreciate their service and all of those that have lived and died for this country. We really do live in an amazing place.

Now, because I will be celebrating the Fourth of July hunched over a desk studying for my economics final, I decided to throw a couple of potential outfit ideas I would have loved to wear this Fourth! 

Honestly, if it were my typical Fourth of July, I'd definitely go with option two! I love being comfy, and I seriously want those Topshop sandals. But, if Curt and I were having a little party of our own with our friends, I'd have to pick option one.

Which option would you choose? And how are you guys spending your Fourth? 
I hope everyone has a blessed and happy Independence Day! 


  1. love both of these outfits so much. especially because, above all, they look really comfy. which is the most important thing to me when celebrating any holiday.

    have a safe, exciting 4th!

    xo nicole

  2. What fun options! I hope you find a few minutes to get out in the sun! Happy 4th of July!

  3. Love this. I might toss a scarf on my head now that I saw option two...I was just thinking my hair is a hot mess today.

    Patterned Love

  4. Love that first outfit! Beautiful dress :) Good luck with your final!

  5. I'm option 2 all the way! Simple as cute and perfect for blazin hot weather:) good luck on your Econ final!


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