Tuesday, July 30, 2013

July's Thrift Store Finds

July has been a great month for me and thrift shopping. In fact, I haven't even really looked at anything in department stores and the like in quite sometime (minus this past weekend, where I pined away over some clothes in Fossil, but they were way too expensive.. even on sale, bleh). Not only did I find some great finds clothing-wise, I also found a few things for the home as well!

Mossimo Target dress - $6 at Plato's Closet

Free People dress - $10 at Goodwill 

H&M Utility Blouse - $4 at Plato's Closet (guy's section)

Loft Shorts - $5 at Goodwill 

Vintage Dooney & Burke Purse - $18 at Plato's Closet 

Wooden Cabinet - $12 at Local Antique Store

Vintage Magazine Rack - $3 at Goodwill 

I'm pretty pleased with all of my finds this month! I've been wearing those shorts non-stop, and everything else at least twice already.. hopefully they'll all be making outfit posts soon! I'm also on the hunt for a chair for the living room, and I'm hoping an IKEA trip will be in the near future. Let's just hope August will be as good as July has been!


  1. whattt! I never find things this cute!

  2. i just fell out of my chair at the red dooney and burke. the plato's closet in cstat is the best on the whole planet. i've considered driving there before just to shop at plato's (and to see you, of course). omgomgomgomgomg.

    i super love your two new home pieces! and you're going to get so much wear out of both those dresses.

    xo nicole

  3. You got some really great stuff. I never have this sort of luck when I go thrifting!

  4. Love that purse and Free People dress! I'm glad I'm not the only one who thrifts in the guys section though!

  5. love that free people dress.
    ive been meaning to check out the thrift shopping here, i've heard we have some awesome stuff.
    great finds.
    and ikea trip, always necessary.


  6. Love the cabinet! I am hoping for a thrifting/antique adventure soon, I need a few things for the apartment.

  7. I am just dying over that cabinet & DB purse! You made out like a bandit, girl! ;)

  8. I kind of hate your thrifting skills right now :) I can't believe what you found! I think my problem is that I don't dedicate enough time to visiting thrift stores and really looking through everything. I just get really worn out and I don't want to do it anymore! Anyway, I'm super-impressed!

    1. Honestly, it truly depends on my mood when I'm thrifting. If I'm in anyway tired, I get annoyed and just end up leaving most of the time ;)


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