Monday, September 2, 2013

August according to Instagram

Hi. Hello. Aloha. Bonjour. Hallo. Howdy. 

I'm truly sorry I haven't been blogging.. part of me wants to, and then sleep typically takes over or I just don't even think about it at all. It's been one crazy month, but I'll give you the short version right now... then actually posts about all this later. I miss you guys. Thanks, Danielle for commenting and saying you missed me, it truly meant the world to me and just so you know.. I miss you, too! 

Kay, let's explain the pictures above. 
  • After I finished my second session of summer school at the beginning of August, there was a lot of laziness in the Ross household. Exhibit A, Muggles the laziest beagle of them all. 
  • Like I mentioned in my last post (from three weeks ago..ouch), I took a trip to Dallas with my parents for a bit of back-to-school shopping. It was lots of fun, and a much needed break from College Station!
  • Curt and I visited the George Bush (the first one) Presidential Library on a whim. I've never been and seeing as I pass it to go to school most days, I thought that was pretty sad for having lived here for three years and never taking the time to visit. It was extremely interesting and I really enjoyed getting to know the history of the Bush family! 
  • My favorite edition to my closet has to be my new elephant shirt, which I wore when we went to the Bush Library!
  • Curtis and I took a long weekend to Galveston with his parents. It was lots of fun! We swam in the ocean, ate lots of delicious seafood, took a ghost tour, and had a nice relaxing break for our mini-break from school. 
  • I chopped off about 7 inches of my hair, and I'm loving it! Although.. it does get greasier faster. Super annoying. Could be the constant 100* weather too though. 
  • I had a period where I walked the beagles on campus every evening for a few days. I love walking past Kyle Field.. and am super-de-duper excited for football season! Gig 'em!
  • School started last Monday.. luckily, I only have it four days a week! :)
  • Like I mentioned above, I'm super excited for football season (I can rant and rant forever about it), so Curtis thought it'd be fun to go to a radio show for dinner. Our head coach was there talking, we had awesome food, but there were awkwardly loud drunk people too.. not so fun. 
  • I'm taking a digital photography class this semester, and I could not be more excited. I've just finished my first assignment, woot. 
  • Saturday we played our first football game. It wasn't pretty on the defensive side. It definitely didn't have a lack of controversy around it. But, I loved every second of it.. even if I thought I might pass out from the heat at certain points. Oh, and I love Johnny Football, ESPN can shove it. 
  • Curtis and Muggles doin' some homework. 
Have a great week lovelies! You can follow me on Instagram @kristina_ross14.


  1. ahhhh i love your hair! i noticed mine has been getting greasier faster too and i'm like 'that doesn't make any sense!??!!' but it might also be the i go out and buy another five cans of dry shampoo, i'll wait for it to cool down a little.

    i hope you'll be sharing some of your photo projects on here! missed you the last three weeks, boo.

    xo nicole

  2. Sounds like you had a great month! I love your new haircut!

    Ladyface Blog

  3. Yay!!! Welcome back Kristina! Your hair looks ADORABLE by the way :)

    Exploring My Style

    P.S. You were the first blogger I came across where I said to myself, "Man I wish I lived in Texas so I could hang out with this girl! I know we'd get along great!" I love reading new posts, like I'm just catching up with a girlfriend :)

  4. sleep always wins over everything with me too :) and i love your elephant shirt! so glad you're back :)

  5. Yay you're back!
    Yay for being a lazy married woman and wanting to sleep all the time! (Me too haha)
    Yay for a digital photography class! (I always wanted to take one)
    Yay for 4 day a week classes (that's what we had.. best thing EVER)
    Boo greasy hair! (try suave dry shampoo)

    and again yay you're back :)


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