Friday, September 27, 2013

life lately


making: photographs, way too many of them, but I love it. I'd love nothing more than for all of you to come visit me and be models. But seriously.
cooking: Whatever sounds good, breakfast tacos seem to be high on my list lately.
drinking: pumpkin spice lattes and HEB diet root beers
reading: too many textbooks..
wanting: flannels, scarves, crisp fall air, and.. new running shoes
wasting: too much precious study time. procrastination comes easy for me.
wishing: for more courage to follow my dreams.
enjoying: tv show after tv show; Breaking Bad, New Girl, Parks & Rec, Broadchurch, etc.
loving: being married, it makes everything better. 
marveling: all of the gorgeous fall sunsets we've been getting lately. 
wearing: anything comfortable, note last two outfit posts.
needing: more beagle snuggles in the morning. 
thinking: about photography almost every spare second I get, and some that aren't so spare.
feeling: a bit overwhelmed.
bookmarking: camera lenses, shoes (of course), and ideas for shots.
giggling: in a life with Curtis, there's never a lack of giggling..
listening: to Mumford and Sons live tracks. Obsessed, y'all. 

How's everyone else doing lately? 
ps. that's pretty much my favorite photo of Muggles that I've ever taken, and there have been many. 



  1. I've gotta do a post like this! So cool! And Muggles is the best name for a dog :p

  2. That is a fantastic picture of Muggles! Like magazine-worthy!

    I'm so glad you are into Breaking Bad! It's my very favorite show of all time. SO sad it's ending. BUT... New Girl has new episodes so that's always good :) It seriously makes me happy every time I watch it.

    Exploring My Style

  3. wahhhh MOVE TO PITTSBURGH and be MY model! we seriously are life-twinning right now. I have drank SO many PSL's and Salted Caramel Mocha's within the past couple weeks my belly is aching for an intervention. and Mumford...oh my, my absolute favorite. still jealous you got to see them! as for the married part...well, i'm workin' on it ;)

    <3 Jenna Brianne

  4. Helloooooooooooooooooooo friend, long time no comment -- I know, I know (I did lurk and read, but not the same thing). What glorious pictures! Thanks for the little window into your world, and for not giving up on me and my bloggy!
    Fifth Freedom Fashion


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