Monday, September 9, 2013

Stripes and Beagles

Look at me.. posting an outfit post. The little get up isn't anything too fancy, but it's been a staple for me all summer. Easy tee + denim shorts + fun flats or sandals = the only thing optimal to wear during Texas summers. I've been wanting a red striped shirt for awhile, and I got this one on a little back-to-school shopping trip. As for the flats, I got 'em on sale when I was looking for a new shirt for Curtis awhile back. They're nice and airy, perfect for summertime. 

(boo blurry face..)
Tee: Urban Outfitters | Shorts: Thrifted | Flats: Old Navy 

This week is Alabama week in Aggieland; this game between us and the University of Alabama is quite possibly the biggest game in living memory for A&M, and I AM PUMPED. ESPN College Gameday is coming.. I'll probably be making my way over to the set randomly with Curtis, so you know.. look out for us, hehe. It's going to be extremely hard to focus, so I'm going to pray for some determination and get as much as I possibly can out of the way before Friday.. which is also Curtis's birthday. Gonna be a crazy week, y'all! I've been gathering presents and food ideas for awhile now for Curt, since it's our first birthday to celebrate together as a married couple, I wanted to make it special. There will be lots of chocolate involved. I say sorry in advanced to my Health and Fitness class. 

I'll also be giving a presentation for my Small Business Management class on Wednesday, it's over patents and trademarks, so I'm not incredibly worried.. but yeah, presentations aren't ever fun for me. I've been working on a Webpage for it with a group of three other girls, and I'm praying it all comes together before Wednesday! You guys.. Wordpress is weeeeeird, and you have to pay for anything to "enhance" the page, no bueno. 

Okay, I'll leave you with some beagle photos. Always a good thing, right? 

Muggles has this weird thing where she looks up at things and studies them for long periods of time. It makes me laugh every single time because she seems so surprised to see things up above her - stuff on walls, airplanes, things on top of fences, shadows on walls - so funny. But, I suppose, it must be different being on a two-foot eye level for the most part. The picture above is the face she makes when she's studying an object above her. Tehe. And then there's Skywalker, who never stops moving long enough for me to get a decent picture. :P


  1. i am LITERALLY wearing this exact outfit today. well, minus the beagle.
    group projects are the worst! even if you like the people you're working with, it's still incredibly stressful and nothing like working with a team in the real world. so i wish you luck!
    and yay for curt's birthday! you seem like such a good gift-giver, so i hope you share (at least some of...hehe) what you got him!
    enjoy your big football week, love!

    xo nicole

  2. You really can't beat shorts and a tee for comfort when it's insanely hot. The less skin covered, the better! I've been living in my khaki shorts since summer finally arrived here two weeks ago. Red is definitely your color! Loving the striped tee! The longer sleeves will be great for fall too :)

    Have fun during football week! We all know what crazy fans you two are

    Exploring My Style

  3. Cuties!!!! Love your shoes and that striped top! I love that Muggles like to take in the world around her. So cute.

    Ladyface Blog

  4. I'm so excited to see your cute face again! I love this outfit on you, my dear - you look awesome in red, and those shorts look really comfortable. Those last two pictures of your pups are killing me - they are SO CUTE!!!!

  5. Sometimes simplicity is key! Love the flats as well!
    And your pups are just the cutest! :)

    Rachel Emma
    Daydream Frenzy

  6. love you outfit, and that little pup is just the cutest!

  7. Aw, such a cute look! Exactly my kind of casual style <3 Big, big fan of your style!

    Life in the Fash Lane


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