Tuesday, September 10, 2013

Photography Class

Hey hey. I thought I'd put a few pictures up for what I've been doing in my digital photography class. Last week wasn't my favorite, we had to take pictures of lines, shapes, and textures. It was abstract and I just don't really think like that, I guess. But, we finally made our way over to less abstract things like.. Rule of Thirds. I suppose I just instinctively knew about it, as no one had taught it to me before, and I've just studied photos and noticed the trend over time. My biggest challenge in photography is definitely taking pictures of buildings, maybe it's just their large scale, but I have always had trouble framing my shots properly. I took pictures of a bunch of different places around B/CS, but these two are my favorite. I'm pokey when it comes to Photoshop, and didn't get around to fixing up the other places.. so maybe I'll post those at some point as well. I have to go up to campus to have access to Photoshop, so it's kinda difficult to edit right now.


I love both of these, but could only turn in one picture for my "Place" photo, so I turned in the one of the house. While I really love the Feed Co. photo, I was afraid the building itself was too dark, but the sky looks awesome! I woke up super-duper early Saturday to go take photos, and I must say, morning light is somewhat tricky to master but it's so soft and pretty. I used some of my Photoshop savvy to edit out a icky handicap sign that was a bit distracting, and I edited out the top of some rose bushes that were in front of the building. The clone stamp tool is simply amazing, you guys!

As for the house, I found it on a random trip to Bryan beforehand (I even instagrammed it!), but I decided to go back because it's probably the prettiest house I've ever seen. All of that detail and craftsmanship makes me swoon! I turned this photo in simply because of the lighting. I tried to frame the shot so that the focal point was the turret (I think that's the term), and I got lucky with the morning sun just rising up and lighting it up perfectly. I also used the clone stamp tool here to edit out a white Suburban, and I tried to make the tan building as inconspicuous as possible by editing out windows and a weird shed. 


Say hello to my "Thing" photo. My Chuck's randomly were in my car when I was out taking pictures on this Saturday morning, so I decided, why not take pictures of my shoes? They're one of my favorite things! I hardly edited this photo at all, just cropped it a teenie bit. The lighting was pretty much perfect, so light and soft, and I secretly love the random bokeh in the background. I played around with Manual Focus, something I hardly ever do, but it was fun. 

Next week is Lighting, I'm super stoked, but also a bit worried since it does take a lot of time to plan out and shoot for this class. If it was summer, I'd be all for it, but since I'm taking other classes, they come before this one since it's an elective. I must say, it's been an experience taking an art class. I'm so used to business school and talking about boring things, haha. 


  1. AMAZING pictures, girl!! the sky is amazing in that first picture and the lighting is gorgeous in the second. um can we PLEASE just walk around and take pictures someday? pretty please? :)

    <3 Jenna Brianne

  2. So cool! I'm taking a photography class as well this semester...but it's not digital :( I can't wait to get into digital photography! Great pics btw :)

  3. These are fantastic pictures Kristina! I couldn't stop staring that the house. The way the sun is just barely shining on the roof is so pretty. You should do a photoshop tutorial sometime. Not that I have the program but it's so amazing what it can do. Keep sharing those photos!

    Exploring My Style


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