Thursday, October 31, 2013

Happy Halloween!

I meant to put this up last night and schedule it for this morning, but alas! I had an exam today and I wasn't up for doing much of anything else minus sleeping and sitting in the bath, trying to make myself believe I didn't actually have a test. Side note: I always take baths the night before an exam, it just helps calm me and keep me stress-free, for the most part at least.

Back to what this post is really about. Last weekend, Curtis and I went to a little costume Halloween party, and this is what we wore! I was determined to NOT spend much money, yet still wear a "legit" costume. Since I don't have sewing skills, anything in that realm was out of the question, but I saw an idea on Pinterest for robbers and I ran with it. Turns out, we looked like the robbers off of the Sims, so that's what I told everyone we were. Way more creative, amirite? It was fun, and it's the first time Curtis and I have gotten dressed for Halloween together.. EVER. What? I know. We've always been wicked (pun intended) busy around this time of year our entire seven years of togetherness. So here we are, a couple o' robbers from the Sims. And no, we didn't manage to steal anything that night, tehe.

Robbers, 2Robbers, 1
Me - Beanie: Wal-Mart // Top: Thrifted // Jeans: Gap // Gloves: Wal-Mart // Flats: Old // Tote: DIY (Hobby Lobby)
Curt - Beanie: Wal-Mart // Shirt: Wal-Mart ($3!) // Jeans: Wrangler // Shoes: Nike (baseball days)  // Tote: DIY (HobLob)

So basically, I spent $3 at Hobby Lobby buying the tote bags and the masks on our heads (they looked ridiculous, so we didn't really wear them), $2 on the two pairs of gloves, $2 for the two beanies, and $3 for Curt's shirt because he didn't own a black/white striped shirt already. Ten bucks for two costumes, I'd call that a success! As for tonight, I don't think we'll be doing much except passing out candy to any little trick-or-treaters, but I always love Halloween.. mainly because it means Thanksgiving and Christmas are right around the corner! :)

Halloween, 2Halloween, 1

Thought I'd throw these in here for good fun, I was mainly messing around with the camera and lighting, but hey, at least I decorated the house a little bit! What have you guys done for Halloween? Or do you have any weekend plans? 


  1. so stinkin' adorable! You definitely DO look like the Sims robbers :) so darn creative, you two! and those pictures at the bottom are awesome! Cutest halloween decorations I've seen!

    <3 Jenna Brianne

  2. !!! You guys are too cute! Love your bank robber costumes!

    Ladyface Blog

  3. SO CLEVER!! i love original costumes and you guys totally nailed it!

  4. love love love this idea! You really do match the ones from the sims! haha

  5. That's a really clever costume idea! (And ... what, you didn't manage to fit an entire piano in your bag? LOL.)

  6. y'all are so stinkin' cute. can't even handle it.

  7. Clever costume idea! And yes, once you mentioned the Sims, that's definitely what you two look like! Adorable.
    Exploring My Style

  8. You two are so, so cute, Kristina! I'm laughing because I totally used to be a Sims fanatic...hahaha. You definitely look like the Sims robbers! Too funny! I hope your exam went well, and that you had a good Halloween!


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