Monday, November 4, 2013

October According to Instagram

  • Why not start off the month with some donuts? Curt and I have a bit of a morning ritual about twice a month (because if we did it more, we'd be 400 lbs) where we head on over to Shipley's Donuts at 6AM. 
  • Pumpkin patch fun! We had lots of fun picking out this season's pumpkins, you can check out the post here.
  • The beags are always a big part of my life, but one week they got me a hundred on my photography assignment.
  • Photography has been a HUGE part of October for me, I started up my own business, but first, a photography exam. I'm happy to say I made a 98. 
  • My beautiful best friend, Denise and I went on a fun photography session.
  • It's finally gotten a little cooler here in Texas, which obviously means breakin' out the boots and plaid.
  • More Aggie football, of course.
  • Got to take photos of this gorgeous little girly for her 2nd birthday! 
  • Like I said earlier, photography and my business has been a big, big part of October for me, so I decided to document myself creating a business plan of all things!
  • I've been taking Curtis to work in the mornings, he's got a gig as a substitute teacher at a local Christian school. It's so funny, all the kiddos call me Mrs. Ross when I drop him off. You guys, that is soooo weird, ha. 
  • For Halloween day, I wore my new favorite orange dress and a black cardi. Apparently others decided it'd be good to wear their actual costumes to school.. yeah, sorry, I'm not that festive {or outgoing}. 
  • AND, Curt and I's Halloween costumes -- Sims robbers. Twas a great October.
You can follow me on instagram @kristina_ross14, if you'd like. Let's just's my favorite social media outlet, teeeheee. Hope you've all had a great start to November! Thanksgiving will be here before we know it. 

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