Wednesday, October 2, 2013

September according to Instagram

September was good to me. It wasn't too stressful, it was jam-packed with fun stuff, and I made a bit of a revelation along the way. Here are some of my favorite instagram memories from this past month!
  • Pumpkin spice lattes. Need I say more? 
  • My silly beagle boy love just sitting and watching me get ready, its pretty funny. He also will wait right outside the bathroom for you to get done showering. Not inside though, you might surprise him with a bath, which isn't cool man. 
  • I finally ordered the shoes I had waited so, so long for (5ish months). They've already made it to a couple of posts, too! 
  • I've labeled myself a sky watcher. I love looking at the sky, and here, its been especially beautiful lately. 
  • The "game of the century" -- otherwise known as the Alabama vs. A&M game took place this past month. Curtis and I got up super early to go pull tickets. Even though.. we ended up just going to Chic-fil-a and eating breakfast instead of standing in line for 5 hours. But, I got the tickets eventually!
  • Curt's birthday was this month! I almost got that silly cat balloon for him, but it was like $12, so I had to pass. 
  • Midnight Yell for the Alabama game was cray. 
  • We got up early to go check out ESPN College Gameday. It was fun, and got us pumped up for the game. 
  • I was walking around trying to find a towel to wave during the game, and then Johnny Football came out of the locker room! I was like, "omgosh, omgosh, omgosh!" And then proceeded to take a bunch of pictures with my iPhone like a little school girl. 
  • Curt and I FINALLY got to go see Mumford & Sons in concert! Our show got cancelled in early June, so we had to wait three long months to see 'em. 
  • Mumford & Sons was seriously awesome live. I had so much fun, and wish I could just do that everyday.. 
  • There's always lots of Muggle-y pictures taken for instagram.. best model ever. 
  • I've been missing volleyball a lot lately (always happens in the fall), and also my best friends who made volleyball the best thing about HS. 
  • I bought plants you guys! I'm so excited about them.. and really hope they don't die on me. 
  • More Muggles, sorry I'm not sorry. But hey, the bed is made? 
How was your September? I'm super stoked for my second favorite month of the year and all it has in store for me. You can follow me on instagram, @kristina_ross14


  1. that sky photo is phenomenal. way to be, kristina + texas. pictures of cat balloons are pretty much just as good as cat balloons. it's the thought that counts, and now you can use that $12 on something fun with him like ice cream. i'm so excited about your plants! here are the things i've learned that made me fail at plants: if i'm not the one who chose it/purchased it, i'm a lot less likely to take good care of it; if it sits in a window box behind a curtain, i'm a lot less likely to water it; if it doesn't meow, i'm a lot more likely to forget it exists entirely. it looks like you've got at least two of three working for you, so i think you've got a good start!

    xo nicole

  2. September looks and sounds like it was amazing!!!!

    Ladyface Blog

  3. what a kick-butt September you had! hopefully the weather will cool down for you and you'll actually be able to enjoy the fall months! P.S. i wanna come visit Texas- it looks phenomenal!

    Jenna Brianne
    Freckled Fashionista

    1. Oh, please do come! We have a spare bedroom and everything! Tehe

  4. hahah awww your beagle is the cutest- i love when pets just hang out and stare at you :)

    xo marlen
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