Sunday, July 3, 2011

DIY: Sunburst Mirror

Okay, so I've seen a TON of how-to starburst mirrors out there in the blogging universe, and I decided to try my hand at one. Plus, mirrors are so expensive, and I'm on a budget here people. I didn't even know what a wood shim was before this project, but they worked perfectly! Alright here's what you'll need.

Supplies Needed:

  • 18 packs of wood shims, the shorter ones (you can find them at Home Depot..just ask where they are first, or you'll go down every single isle searching for about 20 minutes). 
  • Wood glue & hot glue - about three bottles of wood glue too! Believe me, you will need 'em. 
  • A mirror - got mine from Hobby Lobby; any size you want, I used one of the smaller-medium sized ones
  • 12-in Wooden Stitching ring - I looked for a wooden floral craft ring, but I ended up using this instead because I couldn't find one anywhere
  • Spray paint - any color you'd like 
  • Hanging Hardware 
  • Hammer
  • Harry Potter books (optional, but I definitely put use to them!)

That's a wooden floral ring pictured, I used a stitching ring, it isn't quite as sturdy, but it worked just fine. That's what the shims look like! :) 

Okay, first, arrange the wood shims, 9 at a time, in a bundle - one slightly higher than the other up until the fifth one, and then even with the other side going back down. Use the wood glue on each shim, and once you get the group together, let it dry. 

Once you get a few bundles made up and dried, glue them together. Groups of three's was what I did, and then once those dried I glue them together. Eventually, you'll get to where you have two halves, then glue the two halves together. Once you've done that, take the floral craft ring/stitching ring and put the hanging hardware on it. 

Then, glue the ring onto the shims, and by glue..I mean glue the heck out of it! Use a TON. Then, the Harry Potter books come in handy because I certainly didn't want to stand over and hold down that ring all night long. Place the books on top of the ring so that all parts of it are smushed down on the sun burst, then let it dry over night. 

After its dried over night, you can take it outside and spray paint it. I did two coats, in a metallic silver. Once its dry, hot glue the mirror in the middle! Then you're pretty much done! You can add anything you want to decorate it more, but I liked the simplicity of just the mirror. Then hang it, I'll add a picture of mine up in my dining area in my apartment once I move. 

Here's my finished mirror, in terrible lighting thanks to my wonderful ceiling fan (can't complain too much, I love that thing at night! Keeps me nice and cool in these HOT Texas days!) 

Enjoy! :) 


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  1. Wow! this is amazing, i can't believe you did all this on your own. and i agree..mirrors are pricey!
    so talented. i'd love if you drop by my fashion blog :)


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