Wednesday, December 19, 2012

I'm back!

Okay, so it may or may not have been...1 year, 5 months, and 14 days (thank you Google) since I last made a post on this blog. And I may or may not have completely forgotten the email I used to create this account, and used some Houdini magic to figure out what the heck the email address and password were for this thing. BUT, I am back. I've finally got some serious inspiration and plan on sharing my life with the internet. Although, I don't know if this thing will actually work out. I secretly hope it does. Because if there is one thing I love, its a really good blog. I'm gonna kick things off with some engagement pictures because that's the main thing going on in my life at the moment (besides school..but that's on hold for a month, thank you Christmas break). I'll probably get around to blogging about all of that a lot, but for now, since it is 3 in the morning, I'm just gonna post a few of the photos from our engagement session that the photographer sent us.

If you're a Texas native, and like our photos (of which you will see much much more), you can contact Aly, at Make My Day Photography. She's wonderful and I'm so happy with the work she's done for Curtis and me so far!

We're goobers :)

At the fountain where we got engaged. 

The two beags, Muggles on the left, Sky on the right.

Outfit(s) Details
First Outfit
Lace Dress: Ruche (Similar)
Maroon Tights: Target
Brown Heels: Target (Similar)
Second Outfit
Tan Cardi: Target
Sequin Striped Top: Target
Hunter Green Skinnies: Gap (Similar)
Boots: Steve Madden (Similar options: OneTwo)

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