Wednesday, December 19, 2012

I've got the blues

So, a couple of Christmases back (Christmas in plural form looks really odd) my parents got me my first DSLR camera. A Nikon D3000, I loved it, I still love it. Although, it has decided it does not love me. You see, I was planning on trying to sell my Nikon over the Christmas break so that I could buy a Canon. I have no real preference for either, but my future father-in-law has a Canon, along with numerous lenses..that he's willing to let me use whenever. Obviously it is much more beneficial for me to have a Canon, right? But my Nikon had other plans...

About two weeks ago, I was trying to take some pictures of my Christmas tree I have up in my apartment, and after taking one picture, all the others that I took were pitch black. I took it to a professional camera store here locally two days ago, he thought it probably had something to do with the actual screen, and that the pictures were taking correctly, but the screen just wasn't showing them. But I uploaded the photos to my computer, and that was not the case. They're allllllll black. I'm rather upset, I don't have one grand to just go blow, and seeing as I can't really sell my camera now and I won't be able to get much for my one sad little lens, I'm not too sure what I'm going to do. I don't even have a small point and shoot camera. So for now, it will be lots of iPhone picture taking.. Sad, but true.

I'll make the best out of it! But I am learning about new cameras and doing a lot of research, here are a few of the cameras I'm looking at. Now, I am no camera expert by any means, just wanting to put this out there.
You can find all of these on Canon's Website.

Canon Rebel T3i
 The Canon T3i is by far the cheapest out of these three, and the T4i is really just the newer version. So I'd probably just end up getting the T3i if I where to choose between one of these two.

Canon Rebel T4i
Here's the T4i, like I said, the newer version of the T3i.

Canon EOS 60d
The Canon 60d is by far my top choice, but it is more expensive than the two above. Maybe if I could get a great deal on it, I'd definitely go for it.

If anyone has any advice or is trying to sell one of these cameras, please let me know!



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