Monday, February 4, 2013

Day 1: Lavender Sweaters and a Rant

Today's my first day of the 30x30, I think I did pretty good, but of course, the tough part lies in the days ahead. I got this sweater the other day at Forever 21 for 7 bucks. I've been wanting to get more pullovers so I can layer more; layering is definitely a new thing for me, but I really like this new discovery I've makes everything look more put together!

As for the rant portion of this post..
It's been getting slightly warmer here in Texas, and the shorts are starting to come out..which means really big t-shirts with really tiny shorts? I'm not sure if I understand this obsession some girls have taken on at school. Is it just here at A&M, or is it everywhere? Is it just sorority girls, or do regular girls do this too? I say regular girls because I'm one of them.. I don't mind the idea of sororities per se..but they do bother me. It's kind of like a pet peeve, I just don't get why everyone has to look exactly alike. I like being different, unique, whatever. Oh, and my roommate freshman year, she was super cool by the way, but she literally told me she thought I was a lesbian before meeting me because I wasn't planning on joining a sorority, probably has something to do with my disdain for them. But don't get me wrong, I've met so many wonderful girls that are in sororities, my best friend is in one for crying out loud! Okay, back to the purpose of this rant, why do you girls feel the need to look like you aren't wearing any pants!? Please, explain, I genuinely want to know. It's probably super comfortable, but I'm more comfortable looking like I've got pants on. Sure, I'll wear a large t-shirt when I go to sleep with some shorts..not unheard of, but I'm not gonna go out in public with it on. Also, why would you buy a t-shirt that's three sizes too big? Another odd thing to me. Granted, I'm actually more happy with this trend rather than clothes that  are too tight. I duno, I really don't get it, and as I was walking to-and-from school today, I witnessed more than my fair share of this clothing obsession. I'm not a fan. There, I said it. I won't be conforming to this one ladies, except when I'm going to sleepy sleep. End rant, I'm sorry if you got annoyed with me.. I promise I'm not a total jerk!

Here's what I wore while everyone else was kickin' it in their Nike shorts and XL tees:


Lavender Pullover: Forever 21
Chambray: TJ Maxx
Nude Belt: Target
Black Skinnies: Gap
Black T-Strap Flats: Forever 21 {same}
Gold Heart Necklace: Forever 21 
Black Tote Bag: Target {I'm semi-obsessed with this bag}

Muggles says hello to the blog world. She doesn't show much emotion, except when it comes to food, she loves food. I mean, she has an extraordinary amount of love for food. But, she also loves walks, playing at 1 o'clock in the mornin', her bubs, Skywalker, sniffing everything in sight {she is a beagle, what can I say?}, cuddling with peeps, and burrowing into the covers so her face isn't exposed to the light when she sleeps {a trait she gets from me, teehee}. Oh, and she stares at me while I drive.. it's kinda creepy sometimes, but ya know. 

Song of the Post: Daydreamer by Adele


  1. YAYYYY you're doing a 30x30!! :D so so so excited!!

    I literally laughed out loud when I read your second paragraph about the big shirts and short shorts. I can say that I have NOT seen any girls on my campus doing this (yet) because it is currently snowing and like 20 degrees. I can't exactly remember if I saw them doing that before it got cold out, though...maybe because I go to a tiny tiny Christian school? Haha I'm not sure but I whole heartedly agree with you that that trend has GOT TO GO!

    Also, I'm jealous of your $7 sweater from Forever 21! And your layering is perfect! I'm dreading the summer when I can no longer layer :( it will be a sad day!

    OH and YOUR BEAGLE IS PRECIOUS!! those eyes! I love her :)

    -Jenna Brianne

    1. Okay, I'm glad you found it humorous, Jenna, I was slightly afraid people would think I was being awful and mean. But I mean, it really does bother me! I vent to Curtis pretty much every time I see it!

      I'm lucky enough to go to a school of 50,000 people (yes, fifty thousand..lolol), so I get a good dose of pretty much everything.. from cowboys, to hippies, to fashionistas, to sorority & frats, and everything in between.

      And danke, Mugs is pretty stinking awesome and would love you right back! :)


    2. Oh, and yes! I agree, I'll be super bummed when I can't layer anymore either..but I do believe the day is coming soon. We don't really have seasons here in Tejas.. more like, cold spells with some rain mixed in. But the one season we do have is summer, and it likes to stick around for what seems like foreverrrrr. I'm so not looking forward to 104 degree weather..nope nope nope. I think I'll just come live with you in July and August, mkay? ;)

  2. Yay so excited to see you doing a 30 for 30, super pumped to see the outfits you come up with! And I can say the t shirt and norts trend is everywhereeeee.


    1. Thanks, Nicole! I'm super pumped to get this thing rolling!

      ..and that's what I kind of figured, or maybe it's just a southernish thing? Who knows! ;)

  3. I love your outfit! So cute :) x


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