Thursday, February 28, 2013

Day 25: On Seriousness

Okay, so I normally am not the type of person that takes myself too seriously. Honestly, I don't take a lot of things seriously that I probably should. Like wedding planning for instance, some people get all up in arms about it, I've been kind of coasting through, getting what needs to be done, done, and leaving the rest for my mind later. Probably because I'm avoiding the fact that one day very soon I'm going to freeeeak out because I've got a bunch of stuff to do. That day will most likely be tomorrow, seeing as I'm going home to do more wedding planning with the madre. But really, I've been stressing out a little bit lately because people like to bombard me with questions about this and that, and I know it is coming from a very good place, I know this. But, I've just always been one to do things on my own (only child syndrome, if any of y'all suffer from this, please do let me know) and not ask for help. I know exactly what I want, I just have this awful habit of not telling anyone else about it. I like how this not-so-serious post became kind of serious, urgh, that wasn't the point. Anyway, if you guys have any tips on how to get your wedding ideas (or just ideas in general) out to other people, please, do tell! I need help. 

Since we're on the topic of seriousness, I thought I'd leave y'all with this post from Clare's blog, Clarabelle. If you've already seen Clare's blog and know of her witty, hilarious humor, I'm sorry I'm late to the party. If you haven't, GO OVER AND CHECK IT OUT RIGHT NOW. Yes, I'm yelling at you to do so. The girl is probably the funniest fashion blogger I've ever happened upon, and I only wish I could be half as humorous as her. Not to mention, she has a fantastic style and a gorgeous face. Triple threat? I think so! 

 Oh, and one more thing, I love J-Law. I'll now leave you with some pictures of myself, looking awful serious, but honestly..I just want a nap and some chocolate. 

I do have arms.. they're just hiding. 
One day I'll figure out how to take a detail shot.. one day.

Okay, soo maybe this isn't the most inventive outfit on earth, but hey, I'm almost done, and I've got some great ideas, I'm just holding out 'til the very end! But, I did finally wear this necklace, I've been trying to pair it with something for so stinking long.

That's all I got y'all.

Cardigan: Express
Tee: Target
Necklace: uhmm..I don't remember honestly.
Skinnies: Gap (also worn herehere, and here)
Flats: Forever 21

Song of the Post: Demons by Imagine Dragons


  1. If I was trying to plan a wedding right now I would be a mini-Bridezilla, so props to you for not going crazy and remaining calm. I have a feeling I'm gonna get everything done for my wedding like MONTHS ahead of time so I can spend the last few months relaxing and enjoying that season of my life before it's over. I seriously admire you for being so independent, too. I know without a doubt your wedding will be FABULOUS and amazing and the best darn wedding of the freakin' century. Everything will fall into place and as long as you and Curtis are married at the end of the day...everything worked out perfectly :)

    I hope you have a wonderful break and enjoy your time with your family!!

    -Jenna Brianne

    1. You see, I tried doing that, but there's just a bunch you can't do until right before the wedding. Plus, I'm over an hour away from where I'm actually getting married..making it quite difficult to do stuff there. And school doesn't help, at all! ha

      And thanks, my spring break isn't actually until the week after next, but.. I'll try to enjoy my weekend :)

  2. Ooh... avoiding all that wedding planning is just one of the reasons I think I'll never get married. Maybe... make some boards on pinterest? Haha, I know, really original suggestion. But I'm sure it will all come together in the end! Also, I loooooooooooove those shoes. Per usual.

    1. Haha, it's not fun honestly. I would never ever be a wedding planner..ever.

      I've got about four or five pinterest boards dedicated to wedding stuff, apparently people don't know how to look at it? ;)

    2. Hardiharhar! PS. I have checked your blog like 10 times today hoping for a new post (despite being subscribed through multiple channels). I think this means I have an addiction? So.... yeah. Just thought you should know :)

  3. First of all, I really love this outfit and may have gotten some inspiration from you for my mint skinnies. Second of all, I know exactly what you mean about being bombarded with questions. I just wanna be like leave me alone and I'll figure it out. But I can't. Because that would make me bridezilla. I'm sure ill become one at some point. But stop procrastinating girly! you gotta get stuff done!

    <3 Danielle

    1. Well thank you, glad I could inspire! :)

      And yep, I've been kind of crabby lately. Not towards anyone really, just kind of crabby in general, it especially comes out with wedding stuff. Don't worry though, I've gotten lots of stuff done, there just always seems to be more ;P

  4. I completely love those mint jeans! So cute and that necklace is TOO fab! I hate you can't remember where you got it from! Lol! Cute look!

    xo, Kenya

    Kenya L Fashion Blog

    1. Thanks girl! :)
      I know, I know..I got a while ago, so I'm sure it wouldn't be in stores anymore. I think it's from Forever 21, but I'm not 100% certain.

  5. I love this sea foam colored pants! So great with a dark top!

  6. The outfit is great! You will get serious about the wedding planning in time. Afterall, time doesn't stop. Eventually, you will have to.

    I always think to myself - it's better to meet things head on - as opposed to it meeting you head on like a freight train. How many people are you inviting?

    I would say it's time to get on it. Often times Brides don't know the all the details that need to be attended to - before it hits them in the face like a freight train.

    1. Thanks Lisa. My mom and I got quite a bit done today.
      And since I'm in school away from where the wedding's gonna take place, it's hard to plan from a distance, but spring break is coming up..I know we'll have to get a lot done during that time.

      It's around 200 people. That's one of the other things that's stressing me out, I wanted a much smaller wedding, but.. since my fiance and I are both from the town in which we're getting married, it's hard not to invite some people and not others.

      It'll all turn out alright, I just want it over with! ha

  7. You are just sweetest, most adorable thing. Thank you so much for shouting me out :) You have also given me major mint pants envy. I must get a pair! Yours are so freaking cuuuute!

    1. :)
      Thanks Clare, and of course, I'm really excited to following along with you ma'am!

  8. Ahh I love these pants!!!

    Susan Sagone

  9. Really like the layered neckalces, nice touch


  10. love this post!
    would you like to follow each other?
    flw me and tell about this! if u like my posts))
    I hope to hear from you soon!


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