Tuesday, February 12, 2013

Day 9: Too Casual?

The first sign of stress for me is random pimples showing up on my face. Does that sound gross? Yeah, probably. But, seriously. It's the first sign that I'm getting stressed out, and I then proceed to get more stressed out about my random blemishes. I've never really had a skin problem, except for the occasional pimple here and there, but college has made me break out more than when I used to sweat five times a week in athletics, a part of my life that I would like to have back, even though I absolutely despised it back in the day..suicides? Who names something suicides if they don't wish to invoke the feeling inside of you? But seriously, today's been stressful, I'm starting to break out, and I haven't had near enough sleep or caffeine to make it all better.

My stress level started pretty high this morning when I literally tried on seven different outfits, hated every single one of them, and finally just gave up because I was going to make myself and Curtis late to class if I didn't hurry up and make a decision.  So I ended up in this, it's not amazing, not bad, pretty normal, sub-par, etc etc. But after two days of having outfits I could wear everyday, everything seems sub-par. I suppose that's the challenge in all of this. If you're disappointed, I'll understand, but I promise tomorrow will be a better day! {I'm sort of going to force it to be one, ha}. Now, I'm gonna go study my life away and eat some grub. 

Hope you enjoyed my grumbles, and here's my all too casual outfit of the day:

Been walkin' around in these things since 2004. 
Oh, and I know you guys can't tell, but I got grease on my shirt.. I've washed it twice already today, nothing has worked. Any tips for getting the stain out? This is also the reason I've taken forever to actually take pictures for today, thank you kettle corn.. Oh, and don't judge me for spelling beanie wrong in my first picture. I know no one noticed either of those two things, I have this awful habit of pointing out stuff like that. Oops. 


Beanie: Forever 21 (old)
Cardigan: Old Navy
Top: Old Navy
Boyfriend Jeans: Gap
Shoes: Converse

Song of the Post: It's Time by Imagine Dragons


  1. I have those same Chucks! mine look just as beat-up and beautiful, too ;)

    And I definitely do NOT think this outfit is sub-par/boring/lame, etc. It's FUN with the pop of bright purple, sequins on the cardigan and that cute beanie!! My outfits have definitely been more "simple" but that does not always mean they are boring. Sometimes the simplest outfits can say the most about who you are and what your style is :) and your style tends to be UH-MAZING.

    p.s. my tripod will be here tomorrow-whoopeee!!

    -Jenna Brianne

    1. Yesss, they're my favorite! I have another pair..but I haven't worn them in a million years.

      And thank you, tehe. I was just getting so frustrated with it last night/this morning, but another thing about blogging is I'm starting to feel the need to be more dressed up..when I don't even really have to be. Casual is totally okay, and since I am in college, it's really really okay. I think I should right that down somewhere! ha

      Yay, for tripod! So exciting!! :D
      I may or may not have found a spot on campus to take outside pictures..although, people will probably be like, what is she doing..? haha


    2. haha yay for taking pictures outside and having our peers think we're crazy!! :D where Matt took my pics today will probably be where most of my pictures are taken! THAT or on my scary balcony...ah. we shall se ;)

      and I seriously love getting a bit more dressed up than what I really need to be. I'm just not a sweatpants and sweatshirt every-day kinda more. when I dress down people ask me if i'm sick ;) bahaha

    3. Hahah, that's awesome though. They come to expect it..so it's not as awkward when you are dressed up. Yeah, it's definitely going to be awk with a bunch of people walking by. But, hey, I like awkward ;)

      I just wish I had someone to go with me..

  2. This outfit isn't boring at all! I happen to love the pop of purple and the boyfriend jeans! I actually ordered some boyfriend jeans from gap last night :) And I was thinking about buying some all white chucks to go with them!

    <3 danielle

    ps. don't stress! at the end of the day, it's just a grade and your well being is much more important ;)

    1. Thank you, Danielle! :)
      Like I said to Jenna, I have to remember that casual doesn't mean boring! So glad you ordered some boyfriend jeans, they're so awesome!

      I've been wanting white chucks for the longest time, maybe I'll bite the bullet and order some soon!


  3. there's something on pinterest about chalk for getting out grease stains. i always repin it but (luckily) haven't had to try it yet. good luck! cos that's a really cute top.
    xo nicole

  4. Great outfit!!!



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