Sunday, March 3, 2013

Day 28: Hats & Such

I'd just like to say, I love hats. Honestly, I wish we'd go back to a time where it was completely normal to wear a hat every single day. That way people wouldn't just awkwardly stare at you because you chose to wear a hat on that particular day; well, besides baseball caps or whatever.. I realized earlier when I got home from my parents' house that I've started collecting different hats, and I'm pretty proud of it. Thus, I write about it on my blog, obviously. I snagged this hat and it's burgundy twin at Wal-Mart. I bought the burgundy one a few weeks ago while Curtis and I were picking up Skyfall for my birthday, I know..typical Kristina, browsing the hat and scarf section when I'm supposed to be buying something else. The price tag said $10, I was kind of bummed, but it was exactly what I had been looking to get for a while, so I thought, why the heck not? I've got birthday money, and obviously I have to spend it at some point, ha! So, when we went to the awesome annoying self-checkout scanner thing, and the hat rang up for $2, I felt like I was stealing it or something. Seriously, I thought there must have been a mistake, and the scanner scanned the wrong code or something.. But, I went back for this one today (not really, my mom and I went to pick up a couple of things that have nothing to do with hats, I've got a problem you guys), and I was still afraid the scanner had made a mistake the first time. NOPE. They really were $2, and now I've got two awesome hats. I'm a happy camper, plus it went wonderfully with what I was wearing today! Yay!

I tried finding a new place in Calvert to take pictures, but people just seemed to be everywhere I went. This whole, let me take pictures of myself posing for my iPhone on a self-timer thing is still a bit awkward, and I'm not sure if I should just explain to people what I'm doing..or just let them stare and wonder. I did stare down a person in a truck though, it was one of those, I'm going to stand my ground moments, where I had that "I'm a bad-a" attitude and you're not going to intimidate me into getting in my car and leaving..this is obviously completely normal, duh! Eventually they drove off, but it was seemed to take forever. 

Oh, and excuse the stringy hair.. I promise I'm getting a hair cut soon, and it was rather windy today, which didn't help. It probably wasn't the best day to wear a dress or a hat, story of my life. 

Monday's right around the corner, I'm not too excited.. buuuuut, spring break starts on Friday, yayayay! Oh, and I'll be done with my 30x30 Tuesday! This week's gonna be awesome. Hope y'all have had an amazing weekend, did you do anything fun?! Any cool plans for the break? Or the coming weekends? I've got a lot planned, and I can't wait to share it with all of you guys.

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Hat: Wal-Mart (in-store, similar option)
Dress: Forever 21 (similar option; also worn here and here)
Shirt: Gap (old) 
Belt: Target (came with a skirt)
Wedges: Target (also worn herehere, and here..oh and here)

Song of the Post: Lover of the Light by Mumford & Sons


  1. Yes yes yes yes yes yes yes -- this shirt and this dress, everyday please!

  2. Love this whole outfit! I think I have those same wedges in black and in gray but I was to shy to buy the bold color! You are rocking those! And girl, you keep wearing hats. This looks adorable!

    My mom is one of those "wear a hat every Sunday" people. I love it! Bring on the on-lookers. Bring on being unique! Love it!

    1. P.S. I'm totally not stalking you but happened to see your comment above mine in a different blog about a new header. Go for it girl! Be creative! :)
      happy bloggin!

  3. I love what that hat does to this outfit, but I just can't pull off a hat! It's pretty sad if you think about it.
    With Luck

    1. Aww, see, I thought the same thing once upon a time, but now I've just decided I love hats too much, I can't not wear them!

  4. i thrifted a striped skater dress the other day and thought of you! i have so many ideas of how to wear it thanks to your brilliance. i totally feel ya about the 'standing your ground like a BA' when people look at what you're doing. they probably don't care at all, but we feel all this judgment and it makes the whole process take so much longer. ughhh #bloggerproblems

    1. Awesome! I've been wanting a striped skirt.. perhaps I'll find one on my thrifting adventures over spring break!

      And yes, people definitely probably do not care whatsoever (minus the cop that went by and was lookin' at me like I was a hooligan), but.. oh well, I'll probably always feel the need to hop in my car and scoot, but I must not give in! haha

  5. Super cute! I love stripes, so i love your cute dress!!

  6. Well Kristina its so lovely to meet a fellow hat lover! I feel exactly the same and always wish we lived in a time where everyone wore hats all the time! That would be sweet! I get some funny looks when i wear mine as i live in a very small town, but i dont mind, i think theyre fabulous! lol! :)
    Anyway on to you, im so happy you came by my blog as now i get to follow you, you have fabulous style! this dress is gorgeous (i have something similar too!) the shirt underneath is a wonderful idea i must try and the pop of teal with the shoes is perfection!
    ok longest comment ever over
    Best Wishes
    Rachel xx

    1. Haha, thank you, Rachel! I thought it was pretty ironic when I wrote this post about my hat.. and then I found your blog ;)

      Thanks for following deary!

  7. I love the hat! And the dress! And the belt and shoes! Such a cute look. So funny that you posted about staring down a truck. You have to come back and read my story on Wednesday on my blog!


    Fashion and Beauty Finds

    1. Thanks Amy :)
      I'll be sure to check out your post!

  8. Hey! popping over from Plane Pretty.

    Too cute :)

    Tiff Ima
    Style Honestly

  9. Hey Kristina you're so adorable! I've heard a lot about you through my friend Jenna ;) ( girl) i totally agree about hats... i feel like i can't even rock a hat because they're so out of the ordinary! So i'm new to this blogging world and i'm trying to figure out how to link my pages to my posts... maybe a dumb question but i've messed with it for hours and can't get it! If you have time, message me and let me know how it works! I look forward to reading your blog girl! I'm spending my spring break in Clearwater, Florida so I plan on building a tan, relaxing, and doing some fun stuff :)

    1. Aww, thank you dear! :)
      All good things I hope! I love me some Jenna!

      Your week sounds waaaay more awesome than mine, I'm jealous. But, I'm glad to hear you're going to be having lots of fun. I need to work on a tan of my own!

  10. Love this look, the shoes and hat make it. You seem very fashion forward!



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