Wednesday, April 24, 2013

Neutrals Heaven


I decided to go back to the loading dock in downtown Bryan from this post the other day to take photos, I got there at the absolute perfect time for lighting.. but I don't think I've mastered the whole "back lighting" technique. Actually, I'm not sure if it's really possible with a tripod? Maybe, but it'll take much more practice on my end to get it right. I did get a couple that were decent though, so as an appreciator of good style blog photography, I'm pretty happy. 

Yellow Rose of Texas

For some odd reason, my utility jacket got lost in my closet, okay.. that's not odd, and kind of happens on a daily basis, you guys haven't seen my closet, it swallows things alive. But, when I couldn't find it after thinking up this outfit the other night, I kind of freaked out and went on a cleaning spree. It was recovered beneath a crate full of bags and beach towels, the same crate I skinned my shin in the middle of the night the other day.. darn you crate! I found it though, and was so happy to wear this outfit all day long. Basically, I was in neutrals heaven. The one negative: these flats. They are not all, and make me want these Madewell skimmers even more every time I wear them. If anyone has seen some cute leopard flats recently, hit me up! I'm in serious need of new ones and can't afford $118 flats.. I will say though, it may be that these particular flats are too small for me, so I may just need to size up. 

Random Kristina musing of the day: I wanted to tell all of y'all, every time I look at that picture of the yellow rose above, I start singing this song. I feel like Texas has a lot of songs about it. Do other states have songs about them (besides state songs and such)? I genuinely want to know!


Jacket: Loft via Plato's Closet (similar; also worn here & here)
Dress: Ruche (similar; also worn here, here & here)
Belt: Gap (similar)
Flats: Target (exact)
Watch: Anne Klein (same in black)


  1. You look gorgeous!! Love love that dress and perfect edgy chic with the addition of that color jacket! Those leopard shoes?! Gotta have them!!
    I am now following via GFC!
    Today is also the first day of my new fashion linkup called "Trending Pretty". Would love to have you if you'd like!

  2. Love the lace with the military jacket. Visiting from WIWW.

  3. Lace and a military jacket is so chic. Love it! I think the lighting is pretty too. Visiting from the Pleated Poppy. Come link up with me too at - Watcha Wearing Wednesday!

  4. Love the lace and utility jacket combo! I'm going to have to try this. Or even lace and camo. Love it!

  5. haha, when i saw it i started humming yellow rose of texas too! loovin' all the neutrals. i really want one of those utility jackets so i can wear a pop of neon with it. except i don't have anything neon just want and want and want, don't we!

    these photos are beautiful.

    xo nicole

  6. Love that lace with the jacket! Makes it so casual. So many options for styling that cute little dress!

    Tiff Ima
    Style Honestly

  7. I have those flats!!! I'm wearing them in my last post, lol!!!
    Cute outfit, once again!!

  8. These pictures are so pretty! And I love the lace dressed paired with the leopard flats. Such a cute outfit.

    A Devine Life


    but seriously, they are so uncomfortable. but you still look fab and this outfit is truly a Neutrals Heaven ;) love it, chica! your pictures keep getting better and better, too!

    -Jenna Brianne

  10. This dress is awesome, and the combination of the military style jacket and leopard flats takes it from really girly to modern and slightly edgy. Love it!

    Found you via Wardrobe Wednesday. Find me at

  11. I really like a combo, you look great! What a fun place for pictures too!

  12. Kristina! You know I love me some neutrals (plus, zomg -- that dress... we've talked about my deep deep love for it before, but it is a true love, and it will never die). You look amazing, as always! I'm back from my surprise bloggy-hiatus... can't wait to go through your archives to see all the looks I missed!
    Fifth Freedom Fashion

  13. Cute outfit!! Love the feminine white dress with the more structured olive jacket! Visiting your site from the Pleated Poppy, happy Wednesday :)

    -Suzanne,, a community for empowering women

  14. visiting you from the link up! love me some leopard print flats!! and the camo green jacket looks great paired with the feminine white lace!! totally reminds me of a look i did called "utility were meant for me" xo

  15. When I saw your dress, I fell in love with the texture. Then, I scrolled down and saw your uber cute leopard flats. Can this outfit be any more perfect? Wish I could raid your closet. Haha

    If you have a sec, I would love to hear your thoughts on my latest:

  16. Kristina! You look adorable in this outfit. And I love the lighting in these shots, so pretty. :)

    Merch Maven

  17. Love that you paired a light lace dress with a darker military jacket - LOVE your styling!

    xo, tasha
    Enter to win a $40 Lorraine Tyne gift card

  18. I have all those pieces in my closet--yay! I love this outfit on you :)

  19. That's a lovely outfit--did you say that you took these pictures of yourself? Crazy!
    And I recently lost one of my favorite things to wear--a pair of green jeans. I went on a cleaning spree too, but I haven't found them yet!

  20. I LOVE that dress! I took your lovely blog button and am now following! Alex

  21. the lighting in these pictures IS perfect. You just look so pretty and the back light (or w/e...I have no idea what it is called) is just...perfect. nicely done lady :)


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